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Floor Goals

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I received some flooring samples from Atra Floor a few months ago (you can read all about them here) and they were fab. However my eyes lit up when I saw their new Flower Power Fauvism collection. They kindly send me a sample of my favourite to share with you and I've been having lots of fun with it!

Image (c) Atra Floor

Image (c) Atra Floor

The collection is inspired by Fauvism and featured gorgeous hand painted flowers and leaves. My sample is now sitting in my studio in the manner of a rug (and even like that and surrounded by the chaos it looks wonderful!) - I see many a future flatlay (and dream of replacing the carpet with it)...

Image (c) Atra Floor

Image (c) Atra Floor

I went for the Mimi colourway but it comes in lots of other options.

Image (c) Atra Floor

Image (c) Atra Floor


*I was not paid to write this post, however the samples were sent to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

The Living Room Makeover

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It was decorated in June, but my living room is now very nearly finished - hooray! It's quite a transfomation from the dark (albeit cozy in the winter, so let's see how that goes) room it was before.


So we had a dark purple chimney breast, a pinky/grey colour on the rest of the walls (which was actually really nice but tatty), lots of orange wood, plus all the woodwork which had been painted, was painted with gloss.


I'm always impatient during the prep stage and this time it seemed to take forever! It was nice as it started to take shape though and the room became lighter and brighter. Here is it now...


I'm so happy with it - I keep going in just to stare. We've decided we need to add a rug, but apart from that it's now finished.

FullSizeRender 51.jpeg

All of the walls/woodwork were painted using my favourite, Farrow & Ball (you just don't get the same finish with anything else). The off white is Lime White and the dark grey on the bottom of the chimney breast is Railings. All in Estate Emulsion and Estate Eggshell on the woodwork.

The floor is painted in V33 Renovation Paint in Moondust Satin from B&Q - we were very gentle with it for the first couple of weeks, but now we're rough as anything (box of Brio emptied out onto it etc etc) and it seems to be holding up very well.

The beautiful yellow wallpaper is Peggy in Mustard from Mini Moderns.

The new curtains are made to measure from Laura Ashley.

FullSizeRender 50.jpeg

Our timing was spot on and we managed to get some bargains in the Habitat summer sale. The armchair and footstool are just lovely and we also got the mirror above the mantlepiece (all now discontinued). The cushion above is by Miesje Chafer. Cushions on the sofa in the earler image are by (l-r): Me (about 5 years ago!), Nikki McWilliams, Me (using a kit by Pom Pom Design) and Georgia Bosson.

FullSizeRender 52.jpeg

We needed to do something to tackle the toy storage situation, as previously the room was completely taken over by them and I'd had enough. About half were moved up to the little man's room and we then limited it to a new IKEA unit behind the door (see above) and the bookshelf on the hearth. The room feels almost empty and it's lovely!


And finally, the icing on the cake - my beautiful lampshade by Justine Ellis. It's huge (even if it doesn't look it in this picture) - a whopping 50cm in diameter and everyone's been commenting on it. We finished it off by getting a diffuser so we don't sit on the sofa staring up at the bulb.

FullSizeRender 53.jpeg

And that's it! So obviously all of the other rooms in the house now look rubbish in comparison, but there you go. Thinking about the kitchen next...

Made By Mrs M at West Elm!

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I'm really excited to be back at the wonderful West Elm store on Tottenham Court Road this coming weekend 9/10 September.

If you haven't visited West Elm before, now's your chance! It's a lovely store with the nicest staff, and the added bonus of lots of mid-century inspired furniture (and good coffee).

I'll be popping up all day on Saturday and Sunday launching my brand new collection - all the usual bits and bobs will be available too. Looking forward to seeing lots of you there!


West Elm is at 209 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7PN and they're open from 10-7 on Saturday and 12-6 on Sunday.

2 Minutes with... Natasha Denness

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It’s time for another quick dose of inspiration for you today! Meet the wonderful Natasha of Candy Pop

Hello Natasha! Who are you and what do you do?

Hi Kate! I’m an Oxford-based writer, stylist, photographer, coach and award-winning blogger. My blog (Candy Pop) is a place where you'll find simple ways to inspire your everyday. With a focus on interiors, simple living, creativity and self-care.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring historic properties, pretty gardens and forests, watching old films and having tea and cake with friends. I cherish the simple things in life!

Why do you love what you do?

I love the freedom that a freelance life brings, especially when there's so much variety in the work I do. I also enjoy meeting inspiring people both on and offline. It's a joy to be a part of such a vibrant and creative community.

What’s your top tip for styling up a room for summer?

The one thing that makes a home feel alive and summery is houseplants. They improve air quality and make loveable housemates. And if you don't have a garden (like me!) they enable you to bring a bit of the outdoors in.

If you could collaborate with anyone (dead or alive!) who would it be?

There are almost too many people to list. Probably Matisse when he was creating the gorgeous blue paper cut-outs or Hockney during the 1960s. Then I could spend a little time in the LA sunshine!

What exciting plans do you have for the next year?

I have several creative projects underway and I'm enjoying working with a few coaching clients. It’s an honour to support people on their journeys and I'm looking forward to offering further coaching slots later in the year.

Thank you Natasha!

You can find Natasha’s website here, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Work in Progress - Decoupage Chair

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You know how you have some projects which just go on for ever? I was inspired to have a go at a decoupage chair last summer after I saw some in progress in Gabriela Szulman's studio when I attended a workshop there. I think I had a total of one quiet day over the summer holidays last year and I got started. Then ran out of time...

It lauguished in a corner of my studio for months. I wasn't entierly happy (a bit too bright perhaps) but didn't really know what to do with it.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was quiet and had a bit of creative block - I was getting frustrated with a lot of work related stuff, and ended up just stopping for the day at lunchtime and working on the chair. I did this for a couple of days and I think it's now starting to come together...

The chair itself is an old one from IKEA which used to belong to a dining set we had in our old flat. I'm tempted to add some more white paint to tone it all down a bit more but I'm not sure, I also think the pink is a touch too pink! I'm really pleased with how the scalloped edge napkins worked though (and they had gold dots on too!). With hindsight I should've put two coats of white paint on the chair initially - currently considering whether I like the brush stroke look or whether I need to do something about it (erring on the side of the latter).

I think I would've benefitted from Gabriela's expert guidance again (or just from not doing it when completely knackered and at 11pm) but it's fun to have a play, and this chair will be living in my studio anyway so it's not the end of the world if this first attempt isn't perfect.

If you fancy having a go at decoupage yourself, go and have a look at Gabriela's website.

This is not a sponsored post.

Playtime! Or thinking about a new floor for the kitchen...

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Now you know I like bright colours, and I'm parital to pattern (a slight understatement!), but I'm generally a fan of neutral stuff on the floor. Having said that my patterned tiled flooring in the hallway is almost famous (and is complemented by pretty much everyone who sees it), and downstairs certainly wipe clean is my main priority.

I stumbled upon AtraFloor as a result of my search for wallpaper for the little man's bedroom (the company make murals too) and when they offered to send me some samples* of their vinyl flooring to share here I jumped at the chance! I chose three designs, partly because these were the ones that leapt out the most on the day, but also because I'm in "thinking about the kitchen mode" and I really can't stand the tiles in there.

I'll start with my favourite - I love this design so much! I think this needs to be used in a fairly large space (like my kitchen!) in order to show the pattern off properly. I can see myself using this sample as a backdrop so watch this space!

The daisies made me feel very retro... As this is a smaller scale print I'm thinking that this would look great in the downstairs loo or a shower room. Reminding you of summer all year round...

The final one is probably my least favourite but only because it's a little less in your face (so it's probably their best seller!) - nice and calming though and made me think of a yoga studio or somewhere to relax.

The samples are nice and thick and spongy so would work really well in playrooms, bedrooms and other areas too (just take your stilettos off before walking on them!) and their range is actually huge - made possible as they're all print to order.

Now to try and persuade Mr M that we need vinyl in the kitchen...

*I was not paid to write this post, however the samples were sent to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

Studio Makeover?

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Having shared my studio with you last week, I'm even more concious than ever that it's a bit of a mess (and yes I'm always the one to tell artists that this is a good thing as it demostrates your creativity!). It was actually the ticket holder competition Blogtacular are running with one of my complete faves West Elm (where I've popped up a couple of times - you can see me there again in September!) that really got me wondering what I could do with it. I'm always wandering around the store thinking how lovely their stuff would be in here, but can't justify spending money on making my studio look pretty. However, if there's a giveaway which could enable me to do this... well, I'd be silly not to enter!

This is the look I'm going for:

And here's a reminder of what it's like now (I said it was messy!)...

There are certain things I need to keep in the room for practical reasons, and my choices from the West Elm range reflect this. They have the most beautiful desks, but I currently have a long bench running the full length of the longest wall (and as you can see from the image above I make FULL use of it!). I also have the little plan chest above and a whole wall of storage (behind me in the top picture).

I would however like the room to look a little more cohesive, I hate the beige carpet and could do with yet more table space and at a different height. Here are the items I chose and why:

1. Wire Frame Dining Chair - I'd like to have 2 of these. One by the sewing machine and one by the computer - this would also give me a second comfortable chair for guests. Obviously in the yellow...

2. Large Globe Ceiling Lamp - For no other reason than that I like it - and the little man likes the one I have at the moment and wants it for his room.

3. Box Frame Counter Table Marble - the dimentions of this table are the real selling point - that and the marble top which would be a great photo backdrop! I've seen these in store (and was positioned right next to one at my last pop-up) so I know I love it. It's quite high so would sit over my little plan chest and provide more storage (the plan chest is on wheels so I could still use the top of that if I wanted to as well).

4. and 5. White Rim Lacquer Trays - I fell in love with these last year - I'd actually like to use them to display my work in at events as well as at the studio, as they look so good with my notebooks, fabrics, pretty much everything in! I'd like a rectangular one (or two!) and a round one.

6. Margo Selby Zigag Stripe Kilim Rug - to cover up my nasty carpet. I can take this up when I'm doing anything messy then hide the stains with it afterwards...

7. Papier-Mache Round Mirror - The mirror I have at the moment was left behind by the previous owners of the house and it's a bit sad to say the least. I do need one in here though as it's a small room and it helps to make it feel a little bigger.

Fingers crossed for the competition! But if nothing else I now have some new ideas!

Little Man's Bedroom Makeover

Inspiration, InteriorsKate Marsden

Well, it took some planning but the little man's room was finally finished ON his birthday (as promised 6 months ago!). I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and it was definitely worth the time and effort.

Cushion and lampshade by  me ! - Bedside table and bedding (and Doggy!) from  IKEA  - Clock and headboard are vintage

Cushion and lampshade by me! - Bedside table and bedding (and Doggy!) from IKEA - Clock and headboard are vintage

Here's a little before and during for you. The first image (top left) was taken on the day we moved in to the house nearly 7 years ago, and the second one was straight after we (or rather my parents!) decorated it in time for him to move out of the cot in our room into his own.

So (obviously) the lining paper didn't come off cleanly, and that meant more work - there's always something with old houses. The cupboard you can see in the top right picture was taken out to give him more space for his desk and little bits and bobs.

I, rather nervously, painted a mural on his wall (for his "mountain theme room") - it only took a day (albeit with three coats of paint) and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

All paints are from  Farrow & Ball  - the green is  Arsenic , the white is  Great White

All paints are from Farrow & Ball - the green is Arsenic, the white is Great White

And then there was the amazing mural wallpaper (which I didn't put up myself!)...

We added shelves in the recess where the old cupboard used to be...

Lack shelves  from IKEA

Lack shelves from IKEA

And then it was just a case of waiting for the carpet. Here are some shots of the finished room.

A Taste of Japan

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When one of my favourite countries combines with one of my favourite buildings it's a match made in heaven! I visited the Barbican a couple of weeks ago to see the Japanese House exhibition, which is a feast for the eyes. A great combination of interesting exhibits and information, gorgeous architectural models and an actual Japanese house to wander around (and a tea house/tree house to die for) - almost too much to take in in one visit! Here are some of my favourite images...

The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945 is at the Barbican Art Gallery until 25 June 2017.

Studio Tour - Kathryn Sherriff

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Now you know how I like a good nosey around other people's studios (and houses, and gardens....) and this summer Carshalton Artists' Open Studios promises LOADS of nosey-ing opportunities! Not for me though, as I'll be taking part, so I thought I'd get in early and visit some of the artists who will be opening their studios before the event.

I was drawn to Kathryn Sherriff's as soon as I saw the first image below - it looks just wonderful! So it was my first stop...

Kathryn is a studio potter working out of her small but perfectly formed garden studio under the name By The Line Pottery (no prizes for guessing why she called it that - I joked that she'll never be able to move house though!) - if you're in any way into pots, you'll want to check out her gorgeous Instagram here.

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

The studio is very tidy (but then it needs to be as it's hardly huge!) and everything has it's place. Nestled at the back of a rather stylish garden (and a beautifully extended house with lots of lovely mid-century finds) it's like a different world. The sort of space I dream of having at the end of my garden one day.

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

During Carshalton Artists' Open Studios, Kathryn will be sharing her garden with fellow potters Caroline Warwick and Sarah Hillman - and there will be throwing demonstrations and all sorts going on - so make sure you put the dates in your diary!

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Image (c) Bill Mudge

Carshalton Artists Open Studios runs over 2 weekends this summer - 24/25 June and 1/2 July - Kathryn's studio will be open on both weekends. To find out more about the event and all the artists taking part, visit the website.

If you'd like to visit me during the weekend, I'll be temporarily setting up home at 133a Stanley Park Road.

Carshalton is really easy to get to by train from Central London or by train or car from right across the South East.

Modernist Estates

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I did rather well for presents on Mother's Day (not expecting much for my birthday now!) - one of them was a book I'd asked for, and Mr M even managed to get me a signed copy...

Modernist Estates is undoubtedly a thing of beauty. The binding is gorgeous (and yellow!), it features my favourte type of architecture, inhabited by real people who have inspiring interiors (elements of which I can definitely apply to my Edwardian house) AND one of my cushions unexpectedly makes an appearance on pages 85 and 86 - that was a surprise I can tell you!

I don't do this design anymore but I think it looks great on this sofa!

I don't do this design anymore but I think it looks great on this sofa!

The featured flat isn't in Park Hill but the subject matter for my cushion does (of course!) make an appearance...

The book is written by Stefi Orazi (and stemmed from her popular blog) whose love affair with modernist architecture began when she was fortunate enough to rent a flat in the Barbican. People ended up inviting her into their homes for the blog and here we see a great selection - it's really interesting to see how people are living in these properties now.

Modernist Estates by Stefi Orazi is published by Frances Lincoln and available here.

More Josef Frank and Svenskt Tenn

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If you read last Friday's post you'll know that I adored the Josef Frank exhibition at the Fashion and Textile museum. It reintroduced me to Svenskt Tenn, who I'm pretty sure I discovered when visiting Stockholm, but as this was getting on for 20 years ago now my memory is a little hazy! (This reminds me - I need to go back to Stockholm).

Anyway, when the lovely folks at Thames & Hudson then dropped me a line to see if I'd be interested in seeing a Josef Frank/Svenskt Tenn colouring book*, I jumped at the chance...

I've mentioned before that I'm not a massive fan of colouring books, as I prefer to draw rather than colour other people's work, but for this one I may just be able to make an exception. The only downside being that it's such a beautiful book I'm not sure I want to mark it (and wouldn't let the little man anywhere near it, the poor thing!). The first thing to strike me was the size (see my hand for scale!)...

It's gargantuan. Oh and so much more than a colouring book. It's an introduction to Svenskt Tenn and includes images of Josef Frank's fabrics, examples of Svenskt Tenn interiors and more. It's just a lovely thing - whether you want to colour it in or not!

Swedish Modern: A Colouring Book of Magical Interiors by Janet Colletti is published by Thames & Hudson and available now.

*I received my copy free for the purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

Josef Frank

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I was rather dissapointed last month when I missed out on a trip to see the Josef Frank exhibition at the Fashion & Textile museum (AND a talk from Sarah Campbell - boo!) as the little man was unwell. But last week I finally made it (even if this visit didn't include the talk...) and the exhibition was just as good as I'd expected it to be.

The exhibition showcases Frank's bold, colourful textile designs alongside a selection of his paintings, which are displayed here for the first time.

Frank started his career as an architect (something he didn't go back to after the war) but was best known for his pattern and furniture design for Swedish company Svenskt Tenn (go and have a look at their website - so so lovely).

Running alongside the Josef Frank exhibition is a separate collection of modern Swedish fabric designs (some of which were familiar from IKEA) and this room is well worth a visit too.

So now I'm tempted to crack the paints out again!

Josef Frank: Patterns - Furniture - Painting is on at The Fashion & Textile Museum in London until 7 May 2017.

House Tour...

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Everyone likes a good nosey around other people's houses. I'd been planning a little house tour post here for ages but wanted to wait until the house was ready. When I say "ages" I mean several years and no the house isn't ready, or even close. In fact we have a couple of redecoration projects in the pipeline for the spring so it's going to look a little different/better soon, but I thought I'd share now anyway.

I was inspired by this gorgeous post from Michelle of The Fox in the Attic - obviously her house is "done" and looks absolutely dreamy so I hope you'll forgive my slightly more slovenly abode...

You'll probably recognise bits of my house from product photos and instagram posts - it's where I work so I tend to share it all the time! This is our living room. We rarely buy new furniture - the sofa is a Danish 1950's number we bought on eBay and the drinks cabinet was from the British Heart Foundation furniture shop (as are quite a few other items around the house!). The doors lead to the kitchen (a room which is conspicuous by it's absence in this post - partly because I struggle to get a decent picture, and partly because I don't like it and it needs changing - struggling for design inspiration there at the moment though...) and were made by my Dad.

And the other side of the room. The shutters are great - our old flat was on the first floor, and when we moved in here I hated being overlooked from the pavement and these work perfectly. They also keep the heat out really well in the summer. The chairs were from a junk shop in Tooting (and desperately need recovering - don't look too closely!).

The hallway and my famous floor! I love these tiles so so much. The front door was one of the things that sold the house to me. Our glass fronted bookcase traveled with us from our old flat and I made the lampshades (there's a second one where I'm standing). 

Back room/playroom/TV room/general dumping ground... This is one of the rooms set for redecoration, and while the purple wall is often complemented, it's really tatty. We're having the Mini Moderns wallpaper you can see taped to the wall with lots of white and painted floorboards. I'll share when it's finished!

My studio - so small it's hard to photograph (but you've probably seen it before anyway!). It has a little window looking out onto my lovely garden. The room I sit and write and do pretty much everything else in is even smaller though...

You could call it cozy, or snug..... The walls are painted in Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball (so really dark but I like it), the vintage curtains, chair and desk were all eBay finds. This room also houses 3 printers, which is some kind of a miracle. This chair is no good whatsoever for my back and I should really be using my proper desk chair which lives in my studio.

The little man's room is another one due for redecoration (you can see the paper peeling on the right!). We decorated this for him ahead of him moving out of our room at 6 months old, so it's about time. Will share this room too once it's done. This wallpaper was from Cath Kidston and my Mum made his curtains to match.

Bathroom - inspired by the Northern Line.... Not shown, broken shower and barely functioning loo! The paint is Green Ground by Farrow & Ball, the black edging tiles were from Fired Earth and the white tiles were the cheapest brick style we could find.

Our guests get to sleep surrounded by our junk (out of shot!), but they do get a bit of a view and it's nice and quiet up in the loft conversion. More vintage stuff in here - crochet blanket from a car boot sale, vintage French chair, a chest of drawers made by my Dad which we repainted and a bit of the obligatory IKEA. Also needs redecorating...

And back down to our room. This one has been redecorated - in Parma Grey by Farrow and Ball - always looks green! The cupboards came with the house, and with hindsight we should probably have ripped them out but they do the job. More crochet - this blanket was from Valentines in Whitstable, my Dad also made this bed, the fox is from Made By Swimmer and the print is by Kees van Dongen - spent years looking for one after falling in love with his work in a gallery in Toronto.

And that's it for now. Keep an eye out for the transformation of the little man's room and the multi-purpose dumping ground downstairs!

Concrete Fans Rejoice!

Books, Craft, Inspiration, Interiors, Review, TutorialsKate Marsden

The perfect mix of two of my favourite things, craft and concrete, arrived on my doorstep last week (literally, thanks Mr Postman - I was in...) in the form of my review copy* of uber craft and interiors blogger Hester van Overbeek's new book. Here it is, (it made me squeek a little when I opened the envelope!)...

You may be surprised to hear that for someone whose such a big fan of the grey stuff, I've never tried my hand at making something out of concrete (Mr M made concrete gnomes one freezing November in the 1990s for a Young Enterprise project - the memory of which has left his hands feeling rather cold - so one of us has experience!).

I just needed an excuse (and some ideas to start with in order to save me getting very very messy for nothing) and it's as if Hester read my mind. The book has lots of ideas (well 35 to be precise) some of which are small and simple, others a bit bigger and messier - so there's something for everyone. Three projects caught my eye immediately:

This bowl is just gorgeous and I know it'd look fantastic on my garden table (which is below my son's bedroom window so I'll get to have a birds eye view of the lovely pattern too - maybe in yellow?). There's a rather nice looking canopy with lights too, which is a rather more involved project but would also look fab on the patio...

Then I jump straight into furniture!

Just look at this table! I would pay good money for one of these and it actually looks pretty straightforward (heads out to buy copper pipes...).

And another bowl (but this time of the indoor variety) - I love the combination of the wood with the concrete (and I already have a wooden bowl like this - just not sure Mr M will let me pour concrete onto it but let's see!).

As I've said before, I'm not terribly good at following instructions in craft books and I like to go off and do my own thing, and I may well do that with some of the things in this book. But as a person who's never worked with concrete before this is a massively useful starting point. The wide variety of projects in the book enable you to see how the concrete behaves in different situations and will undoubtedly help when planning other projects.

Now I just need to pop off to B&Q and then wait for the sun to come out so I can avoid those freezing hands!

Making Concrete Pots, Bowls and Platters by Hester van Overbeek was published yesterday (7 February 2017) by CICO books, RRP £12.99. Buy your copy from Make etc and receive 20% off with discount code CONCRETE20. 

*I received this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own. The link above is NOT an affiliate link.



Little Man's Room

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So this year will mostly be about doing the house rather than traveling all over the place! The little man's room was last decorated when he was 4 months old and he's now heading (rather too quickly) towards 7 years, so it's about time.

We've started planning his new room together - he needs a desk corner (probably with shelves above it, possibly with a blackboard), new carpet, and lots of other bits. Here's a first stab at a shopping list (including some things he has already). He's mostly interested in geography and animals...

1. Mountain Peak Decorative Mirror and Shelf - £60 - Push the Apple Cart (who I met at Weekend of the Maker in Sheffield).

2. Funky Alphabet Print - £20 - And Smile (he already has this!)

3. For the Zoo book to Regent's Park Penguin Poster - £9.95 - London Transport Museum (similar to one he already has).

4. He's been eyeing up this rug for months (it looks like grass!) - Hampen Rug - £30 - IKEA

5. Another one he already has! Mini Whale Toy from Made By Swimmer (sold out at the time of writing but they have lots of other lovely things!).

6. Splat Dining Chair - £199 - West Elm

7. We may well be planning the whole room around this! Explorer Kids World Map Mural - £25 per square metre - Murals Wallpaper

8. I'm not sure it goes.... but he's desperate for a cushion in my Suburban Streets fabric (he already has a notebook) - Suburban Streets Cushion - £43 - Made By Mrs M

9. And a new blanket/throw (his current one is a floral Laura Ashley number) - Strimlonn Throw - £39 - IKEA


Mid-Century Inspired Living Room

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I'm currently planning a living room revamp. I was tempted to redecorate when we moved in 6 years ago but decided to let the little man bash it up first and then redecorate later! I now have plans for painting the floor (thanks to Kat's post here) and for a little wallpaper. Here are some of my initial ideas...

1. Polygon Wall Clock  - £337 - Vitra for Heals

2. Cocktail Chair - Aldgate East Mustard - £525 - Flock

3. Mid-Century Modern Poster Print - £22 - Carnaby Street Gallery

4. Steuler Confetti 4053 West German 1955 clay vase/jug - £23 - Coco Collectables

5. London Town Dotty Cushion - £43 - Made By Mrs M

6. Peggy Wallpaper - Mustard - £45 - Mini Moderns

7. Ercol Windsor Nest of Tables - £650 - Heals

8. Mid-Century Modern Style Coaster (set of 4) - £14.95 - Anecdotes Folkestone

9. 20cm Diameter Lampshade - London Town Dotty - £45 - Made By Mrs M

10. Summer Breeze Tray - £26 - Sarah Hamilton Prints

New England Interiors Inspiration

Architecture, Inspiration, Travel, InteriorsKate Marsden

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that we recently went on a whistle-stop 6 day road trip around New England with the little man. A little exhausting but we had a fantastic time. We stayed in 4 different hotels (the first was at the airport as we arrived late so I really won't bore you with that one!) and 3 of them were just lovely so I thought I'd share:

The Attwater, Newport, Rhode Island

Now it' a coincidence, but this and the second hotel form part of the same chain - Lark Hotels. We were after somewhere in each location which looked nice and had rooms large enough for the 3 of us and Lark fitted the bill perfectly. Such a wonderful atmosphere and a gorgeous room. We completely fell for Newport after a long day's drive around Cape Cod but the hotel was the icing on the cake. 

Another beauty and another Lark Hotel in the rather nice little town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire - just look at it from the outside! We had a room in the roof.

So a MUCH bigger chain (a Marriott) but definitely not lacking in character. Exposed brick and ducting and this rather lovely atrium (which Mr M joked looked like a prison!). I didn't get as many pictures in here as the lighting wasn't so good, but apart from being a little noisy at night (earplugs needed!) this place was also pretty fab.

Yes, I did the ironing overlooking the car park - there are only so may days I can go for without an iron in my hand! 

Anyway, a whistle-stop it was but a very good whistle-stop. I'll definitely be booking with Lark again if we're ever near one of their hotels (and no this is not sponsored!!).