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The First Patchwork Workshop and Dates for the Autumn...

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Last week I hosted my first English Paper Piecing patchwork workshop at Creative Happy London and it went really well. Here are some photos of the session...


As EPP is a slow, hand stitching technique, the aim was for each of the attendees to get started on their first piece of patchwork and go away with all the skills they need to continue with it on their own at home. People planned a range of items with their patchwork including cushions, pin cushions and of course quilts!


I will be running this workshop again on Saturday 29 September and Saturday 10 November. Bookings for both sessions are open now.

In the afternoon I taught my popular lampshade making workshop...


My next lampshade making workshops are on Saturday 15 September (in Tooting), Saturday 29 September and Saturday 20 October. Again, all open for bookings now.

Workshops this weekend!

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This coming Saturday (9 June) I will be running two workshops at Creative Happy London in Camberwell. There are still a handful of spaces, but don't delay your bookings.


In the morning I will be teaching a session on the English Paper Piecing patchwork technique (you can read more about this new workshop here) and you'll be able to get started on your very own heirloom quilt similar to mine below. You can use the fabrics provided or bring along your own... Book here.


In the afternoon I'll be teaching my ever popular lampshade making workshop (and there's nothing stopping you doing both and making a day of it!). Bookings for the afternoon workshop are open here. Hope to see you on Saturday!


If this Saturday doesn't work for you, you can find all of my upcoming workshops listed here.

Fabric Manipulation and New Ideas

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As I said at the start of the year, I'm keen to go with the flow more in 2018 (and I've certainly been doing that for the last five months!). One thing I've been doing quite a lot of is playing with ideas that may be rather different to my usual style and approach, and just seeing where it takes me...


A couple of weeks ago I attended an interview (which I'm pleased to say was successful), and as part of this interview process I had to devise and deliver a "micro teach" workshop to a group of 12 students (and the whole thing had to be completed in 20 minutes!). It was to be around the topic of fabric manipulation, and I sought out the fashion designers I most associate with sculptural and interesting work to see what I could come up with to base the session on.

Micro-Teach Session Handout.jpg

I settled upon this Spring 2018 collaboration between Viktor & Rold and Zalando and prepared handouts together with a couple of samples which you can see in the first image above.

During the session I encouraged the students to play with the materials provided then go with their gut instinct and run something up quickly. Now this was partly out of necessity due to the time contstraints, but also because this is one of my favourite ways to generate ideas. My preparations for the session led me on to play more with felt and look at how I could combine this with my fabrics once I got back into the studio.


As you probably know, I'm not really doing products this year, but Open Studios are around the corner and I do need a few items! I ran up this cushion, inspured by my micro teach session to accompany some of the other new work I'll be showing at the end of next month.


So I'll be bringing this baby along together with the quilted cushion I made to showcase my Spring fabrics, and the rather fetching sewing machine cushion which is a favourite of mine!


Watch this space for previews of more of the new work I'll be sharing at Carshalton Artists Open Studios this summer!

English Paper Piecing Workshop

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I'm excited to annouce that I have a new workshop coming up at Creative Happy London in Camberwell on Saturday 9 June. I'll be teaching the English Paper Piecing patchwork technique which is a really enjoyable hand stitching practice, suitable for complete beginners.

Patchwork 3.jpg

It's all about slow stitching and long term projects, but you'll come away with a little piece of finished patchwork, which you can either continue to add to and make a quilt from (mine took me two years though!) or turn into a smaller project for a quicker win. I'll also show you some other project ideas if it is a quicker result you're after!

Bookings are already coming in so do head over here to book your space.

Patchwork 4.jpeg

This is a good time to mention that I also have a workshop coming up next weekend (Sunday 22 April) at Love Art in Tooting. We'll be painting and making our own lampshades. This one will be really fun - no artistic skills are needed, just a willingness to have fun with fabric paint! You can book your space on this workshop here.

A Portfolio Boost...

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I've not just been working on some interesting (and quite different) industry led briefs in the Winter School this month, I've been woring on some of my own ideas too (and entering some competitions - more on those another time).


For serveral months, I've been noting down any ideas for little things I could work on to enable me to add some more varied work, and I've started going through that list. The first, which I completed last week, is a cover for one of my favourite books. I went so far as to make an actual mock up of the completed jacket! I give you To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf...


It's just printed onto bog standard paper so the colour representation isn't perfect. Here's the pattern I produced, which is a reworked and recoloured version of one I worked on about 3 years ago...

To The Lighthouse Square for Portfolio.jpg

I've added some more images of the mock up at the end of this post.

Back in October at the Knitting & Stitching Show I took part in a Gelli printing workshop which was great fun (and messy - I rarely get messy nowadays and that needs remedying!). I asked for a Gelli plate for Christmas and I finally cracked that out for a play a couple of weeks ago and did lots of lovely, messy printing!


I'm keen to play with more texture in my pattern designs, but I'm also thinking of producing a short run of monoprints for my Etsy shop. Let's see...

A couple of weeks ago I made some dolls, inspured by the ladies I used to draw when I was studying fashion. This was also really good fun - even if I did make a few mistakes in the planning stages - I'm going to get some more printed up and I'll be making them soon.


So at the moment I seem to have gone from complete drought to ideas overload (and I think this is a good thing!). For once I'm allowing myself to go off on a bit of a tangent, before I get all sensible again and start to reign it in! I'll no doubt be sharing yet more new things soon, so watch this space.


Work in Progress...

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I tend to really struggle to find the time to work on personal projects. But when I do, I like to have a go at something a little different (for me at least) and it always tends to turn in to something epic! I used to provide regular updates here on these projects of mine, but it's been a while! Here's what I'm working on at the moment/have recently finished...

FullSizeRender 100.jpg

The quilt! I've been working on this for just over 3 years on and off. I've now finished piecing it and I'm nearly ready to start the quilting - so call back in another 3 years!!

FullSizeRender 101.jpg

Now this next one's finished... Two years ago I got a needlepoint cushion kit from Pompom Design - I finished stitching it last Christmas but only got around to turning it into a cushion in the summer (which took all of 15 minutes...). Here it is after a couple of months of being kicked around the sofa/living room by a 7 year old...


Holding up pretty well so far! As this took me so long to make I am quite precious about it, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the house! 

So, as I'd finished this one (but not the quilt), I bought another kit at the Knitting & Stitching Show last month, and here's work in progress on the next one (this kit is called Kumo)...


Now my dressmaking wips could take up a whole other post (or two) - and I'm feeling pretty meh about them at the moment, so maybe watch this space for an update there!

What long term projects are you working on? Anything interesting you think I'd like to try (once I've finished these of course...!)?

Coming Up in November!

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The run down to Christmas is approaching fast! Lots of things coming up to get you in the festive mood this month...

Makers Market Logo.jpg

My first market of the season will be on Sunday 12 November at the Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead - they're showcasing two makers each Sunday up until Christmas. Come along, start your shopping and take a look at this beautiful shop if you haven't been before!

Kate Marsden.jpg

Workshop wise, I have two lampshade workshops lined up - the first is THIS SATURDAY (and bookings close tomorrow so quick!!) - this is my popular 20cm diameter drum shade workshop as seen above and below and will be running once again in Camberwell at Creative Happy London.

Then if you'd like something a little different we'll be making BIG lampshades at Dotty's Teahouse in Carshalton on Tuesday 28 November - also booking now.


Then on Saturday 11 November come along and start making your own Christmas presents with me at Creative Happy London - we'll be making lavender bags or masks using a range of fabrics - suitable for all levels.


Snazzy Peg Bag Tutorial

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I'm back on the tutorial bandwagon!!!! Well for this week at least.... It's been an absolute age and I thought it was about time. I recently bought a new peg bag as my old one was disintigrating after 15 years of use. Someone told me I should've made my own but I pleaded lack of time. However as my old bag had a rather lovely wooden hanger inside I thought I'd make one anyway and put that to use!


So here it is. Made with my Dining Chairs fabric, I think it looks rather good. Here's what you'll need to make your own.

Wooden coathanger (preferably shaped like the one shown below)

1 x Fat Quarter of my Dining Chairs fabric - if you choose to use a different fabric make sure it measures at least 50cm deep by 75cm wide.

Thread, pins, scissors, sewing machine, iron and ironing board.

Pattern - available to download here.


1. Print your downloaded pattern pieces out onto A4 paper at full size - tape together and then cut out along the dotted line.

2. Fold your fabric and pin the pattern to it on the fold (I cut my fabric into two pieces first - each measuring 50cm high by 37.5cm wide. Then cut out.


3. Once you've cut your fabric out, remove the pattern and cut it across the middle on either one of the dotted lines as shown.


4. Cut this piece on the fold.


5. Remove the pattern from the fabric, sellotape the two patten pieces together and then cut along the other dotted line. Cut this piece out on the fold as well.


6. You should now have three pieces which look like this...


7. Press all three pieces and then fold in the edges of the front opening by approximatly 3/4mm. Fold again to hide the raw edge and press. Do the same with the centre top of both sides as shown below (this is where the neck of the coathanger will sit).


8. Topstitch all of these folds in place as close to the edge as you can.


9. Trim your threads then place the pieces right side together. Pin and stitch from neck opening to neck opening, ensuring you leave plenty of space to insert the coat hanger.


10. Trim the corners then turn the bag out to the right side.


11. Give it a good press, insert the coathanger and you're done!


The pattern pieces look like those below - ensure you print them at full size. They can be downloaded here.

Peg Bag Pattern Page 1_edited-1.jpg
Peg Bag Pattern Page 2_edited-1.jpg

Coming up!

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I have lots of exciting events coming up over the next few months (see my events page for the full list) but I thought I'd share those which are in the next few weeks. First up, this weekend - my fourth annual trip to Thread Festival of Textiles!

see us at thread.jpg

Thread is wonderful - like a more relaxed, smaller version of the Knitting & Stitching Show. I'll be setting up stall in the Great Hall - do come along, say hello and take a look at my new collection.

Then next Saturday 7 October I will be running not one but two workshops at Creative Happy London in Camberwell...

Kate Marsden.jpg

Lampshade Making in the morning and Tote Bags in the afternoon.

Finally I'll be back at Love Art in Tooting on Saturday 14th for more lamphade related fun!

All workshops are booking now - I hope to see you soon!

Camberwell Arts Open Studios

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Camberwell Festival started last weekend, and culminates at the end of this week with Camberwell Arts Open Studios.  I will be popping up at Gabriela Szulman's studio this Saturday (17th) as part of the launch of Creative Happy London...

I will be running my new stitched jewellery workshop at 10 am, 12 noon and 2 pm on Saturday - booking is advised (especially if you want to make use of the whopping 50% discount - use code CAMBERWELLFEST) - booking is open here - but there should be some drop in spaces available too.

There will be lots more workshops from the Creative Happy London team over the course of the festival - you can see them all here.

Gabriela's gorgeous studio will also be open so you can pop along and see her work and chat to her as well. Find out more about Camberwell Festival here. I hope to see you on Saturday!

Coming Up...

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A little roundup of my upcoming events for you today - there are lots of opportunities to get crafty and to shop over the next couple of months!

First up, this Saturday 6 May I return to Crafty Fox Market for my first market of the year. This one is at a new (to me) venue in Bethnal Green - it looks gorgeous and there will be 75+ makers to shop with and workshops too! 11am - 5pm at Oval Space.

Then it's my next workshop - I'll be making lampshades again at Love Art in Tooting on Saturday 27 May - make sure you book this one as it was popular last time!

The following day, Sunday 28 May, I'll be teaching you how to design, paint AND make your own lampshade at Art Rebellion in Coulsdon - this one will be really fun, a little messy and includes lunch!

On Satuday 17 June, as part of the launch of Creative Happy London, I'll be spending the day at Gabriela Szulman's studio in Camberwell teaching three stitched jewellery workshops - you can choose from 10am, 12noon or 2pm start times (and you can save a whopping 50% on the workshop fee with the code camberwellfest so what's stopping you?!).

We then have 2 full weekends of Carshalton Artists Open Studios! I'm really excited to be involved in this inaugural event - you can find me popping up at 133a Stanley Park Road - find all the details here (and catch up on my studio tour posts here and here).

Barely time to breathe, and then the next Saturday 8 July, I'm back in Tooting to teach the stitched jewellery workshop at Love Art.

And back to Camberwell on Saturday 15 July for more Creative Happy London fun! I'll be teaching two workshops on this day - hand stitched tote bags and lampshades. Bookings open soon.

Then it's the summer holidays... phew! So plenty of opportunities to get involved with something coming up - get your diaries out and get booking!

Creative Happy London

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I'm really excited to share something new with you today! I've been working alongside Gabriela Szulman, Kip Perdue and Anna Jackson as part of a new artists' collective who will be running all of our popular workshops together under the banner Creative Happy London. The workshops will be held at Gabriela's gorgeous studio in Camberwell and we'll be launching propely at the Camberwell Festival in June, but workshops are already available for booking! Here's what you can currently choose from...

Decoupage with Gabriela Szulman

Gabriela will be running two different workshops during the period of the Camberwell Festival - Upcycle a Tealight Holder with Decoupage on Saturday 10 June and Decorate a Photo Frame with Decoupage on Sunday 11 June.

Papercutting with Kip Perdue

Kip will be teaching a Paper Cutting Workshop on Saturday 10 June and again on Wednesday 14 June (in the evening).

Foiling with Anna Jackson

Anna will be teaching you how to Make a Sparkly Picture with Metalic Foils on Sunday 11 June.

Textile Jewellery Making with Me!

I will be running a Stitched Jewellery Workshop on Saturday 17 June.

Fabric Jewellery 2.jpg

Our website will be launching very soon, but in the meantime you can see all live workshops on Eventbright and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.




Cloth & Candy a.k.a. Fabric Heaven...

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I'd been following Fuz of Cloth & Candy and her gorgeous online fabric shop for a while, and then a few months ago I discovered that she lives just down the road from me! So I dragged her and her son over to my favourite local cafe to chat fabric and business and stuff. Be prepared to coo over fabricy goodness...

Tell us a little about yourself and what prompted you to launch Cloth & Candy.

Hi, I’m Fuz. I’m a wife, a mum to a busy toddler and an all round crazy fabric hoarding lady. Being a creative at heart, I’d been longing to set myself free of the 9-5. Having worked in the fashion retail industry for ten years, my work had always allowed me to be surrounded by beautiful textiles and design, so it was just a case of taking the plunge to do it. We were planning to start a family and after some long hard thinking, I decided, what better time to just give it a go. So I did!

When did your love affair with fabric begin?

I am lucky enough to have a mum who loves sewing so she taught me a lot when I was little. I used to enjoy tapestries, cross stitches and little sewing kits. I made a rag doll once, I swear it was the scariest thing ever, but I loved it at the time ha ha! I had some amazing textiles teachers at school too who taught things like appliqué, dyeing and even machine embroidery.

Also, I think a big part of the excitement, has come from my heritage. The vibrant colours, handiwork and general culture of Pakistan and Bangladesh have really helped to create this passion for textiles and design.

How do you spend a typical day at Cloth & Candy HQ?

I am first and foremost, a mother, so my day is a real mix of megablocks, fun fabric stuff, and generally chasing after my toddler all round the house. I tend to prioritise my tasks the night before, just so I can make the most of the day. During his nap time, I could be taking pics of some of the amazing fabrics, catching up on emails, wrapping parcels or planning my next projects. We usually have a trip to the post office in the afternoon which always involves a visit to the duck pond or the playground! I get a lot of my stuff done in the evenings though, I am quite the night owl.

It can be tricky to switch on in the evenings for work after such a tiring day. When you run the show all by yourself, work can creep into spare time too. I’m trying to be better at giving myself time off as it allows me to be more creative and come up with fun, new ideas for the business!

What attracts you to the designs you choose to stock at Cloth & Candy? Everything always seems to work so well together!

This is the part of my job I love the most! I look for great colour combos and striking designs. I love modern prints, with a bit of fun and boldness to them and yes, I generally try to make them sit really well together. The fabrics genuinely excite me and I hope I’m inspiring people to use these fun patterns in their projects. I’ve had a few customers tell me they've started sewing for the first time just because they wanted to own the fabrics in my collection!

Like my motto goes, if I don’t love it, you might not love it, I don’t put it in my shop.

Do you find any time for sewing yourself? What do you like to make?

Since the little one arrived, I’ve been rubbish at giving myself time for this. This year, a big goal of mine is to get back to the sewing machine more. After all, I do have a pretty good stash at my disposal!! I’ve started to get that time in for some simple projects like drawstring bags and pouches. I’d really love to give dressmaking a go this year though. I’ve wanted to make myself a dress for some time now and I just need to get on and do it!

And what do you enjoy doing when not consumed by fabric?!

I like to relax! Curling up with a good book, watching Netflix, chilling out with the hubby. I like to visit markets and art galleries when I can and enjoy the odd craft workshop every so often. We like to travel too. I get so inspired by the places we visit! We recently visited Brussels and absolutely loved it. Next stop, Kuala Lumpur!! Oh the fabrics I will find…

We’re all planning our summer holidays at the moment - which destinations have you enjoyed fabric shopping in?

Ooh, Paris is super fun for fabric shopping. I love trawling Le Puces Flea Market for vintage bits and bobs! But, by far my most favourite place to shop for fabrics has been Japan. That place is full to the brim with creativity, colour and design. I was in heaven and I’m sure the fabric tipped me over the baggage allowance limit!!

Are there any other small businesses closer to home which you’d recommend to us sewing fans? 

If you haven't already, you need to head to V V Rouleaux in Marylebone, London. All the trimmings your heart could ever desire! And for some cute, colourful craft kits, check out The Make Arcade. We will be stocking some of their sewing kits soon!! Oh, and there’s this other amazing shop I know… Made by Mrs M??

Can we expect to see you popping up at any events again this year?

For sure!! You will find me at Summer Sewmance in Brighton this June and then I’ll be back at the Handmade Fair at Hampton Court in September. I love being able to share what I do and meet fellow fabric fanatics so do come along if you can!

Thanks so much for chatting with me Fuz! You can find the Cloth & Candy website here, and also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Tutorial for Caboodle Magazine

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It's been a bit quiet on the old tutorial front lately, I really need to work on some new ideas for you all! In the meantime though you can pop out to your nearest quality magazine store, pick up a copy of the new issue of Caboodle and cheat at screen printing with me!

I've designed a rather snazzy little star cushion which you can print yourself with an old pair of tights and an embroidery hoop...

I love the chair it's been photographed on - must keep my eyes peeled for one of these!

There are lots of other rather fab space inspired crafts in the issue, along with the usual colourful and inspiring treats! In case you need an extra incentive to go and buy a copy, Caboodle always smells divine too!

If like me, you and can't buy Caboodle at your local shops, you can get a copy on their website here. And if you "screen print" some stars, do share them with me!

Make Your Own Tote Bag!

Craft, Products, Sewing, Textiles, Tutorials, WorkshopsKate Marsden

The latest new addition to the shop is a tote bag making kit! This is a full kit to make one of the bags you may have seen being stitched at my workshops, and it includes everything you need (except for scissors, pins and an iron!).

The kits are now available in my Etsy shop and you can choose any of my in stock fabrics in order to make it your own.

A nice little treat for yourself or a great gift for a crafty friend - they're so simple that even people who say they can't sew can make them! No need for a sewing machine as they can be hand stitched (as they are in my workshops).

More Workshops!

Events, London, Sewing, Textiles, WorkshopsKate Marsden

One of the goals I set myself last year (yes I'm still writing this year's bear with me...) was to teach more workshops and I have 2 coming up!

Both upcoming workshops are at the fab Love Art in Tooting Market, the first is at the end of this month...

On Saturday 28 January I will be teaching my handstitched tote bag class again. This is really like a beginners sewing class - ideal if you have no or very little sewing experience. Maybe you're afraid to get started or think you'll end up in a mess - I'll be there to make sure you don't! At the end of the class you'll come away with your very own tote bag.

All materials and a glass of wine are included - book here.

Then on Saturday 4 March I'll be back, but this time I'll have lampshades! My lampshade class will teach you how to make your own 20cm drum lampshade either using one of my fabrics or some of your own (prices vary depending on whether you bring your own fabric or not). Lampshade making is surprisingly fun and the feeling of satisfaction you get when you've made your first one is brilliant!

This workshop also comes with wine.... you can book here.

If you're unable to make these dates don't fret - join the mailing list for details of other workshops I plan later in the year.

Looking Back on 2016 - Part 1

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I think most of us will agree that 2016 can't come to an end quickly enough. I have however been putting together my annual roundups and have found masses and masses of positive things which have come out of this year, evidenced here by some of my favourite (and most popular) posts. Have a little look, reminisce if you're featured (!!) and pop back next week for more positive stuff from this year...

1. Getting Personal

One For the Makers (16 March) was a slightly scary post to write but the love I received (and the number of people who read it) more than made up for my nervousness, A little reality check...

2. Sharing Sketchbooks

Yep - the things I found in the shed (at my parent's house) - 24 February - this one was very popular - stuff I was coming up with in the 90s...

3. Just A Card

In the spring I joined the Just A Card team and I talked about it in my post of 13 April...

4. Getting Personal (again)

A newfound fear of sharing my work - Sharing Work and Feeling the Fear (21 October)...

5. Guest Tutorials

The most popular of which was this lovely one by Kelly Cheesley - Patchwork Table Cover Tutorial (29 August)...

6. And more guest posts...

A really popular post on marketing you business using social media from Emma Donovan - Marketing Your Small Business with Social Media (25 April)...

7. Sewing Bee!!!

I caught the dressmaking bug, yet again... Sewing Bee-itis (23 May)...

8. Photogrpahy

I shared the evolution of my product photography in January and lots of people wanted to see my mistakes!! Product Photography Progress (27 January)...

9. Blogtacular!

I actually took some actions this time and thought about my post! Taking Actions from Blogtacular (27 June).

10. Blogtacular (again!)

Sorry, but the photowalk was so much fun (and one of my most popular posts which is still getting lots of views) so I had to include that too! Blogtacular - The Photowalk (22 June).

See! Lots of good stuff! Keep an eye out for plenty more positive things next week...

Block of the Month - December

Craft, Sewing, Textiles, TutorialsKate Marsden

3 down, lots more to go! I'm determined to have some semblance of a quilt by this time next year so here's my third monthly block. Once again a little unconventional in it's construction, but hey! If you'd like to have a go at this too there's a template at the bottom of the post.

You can find block 1 here and block 2 here.

I went for VERY narrow seam allowances on this one but with hindsight it would be better to go for standard ones and then trim away the excess. You live you learn...

I thought I'd cracked piecing the points together but they were far from perfect.

And then an unconventional border...!

And still stitching them together as I go along as I'm impatient!

Here's your template:

A Trapeze (or a Mumu?!)

Dressmaking, Sewing, TextilesKate Marsden

Several months (OK probably more like a year) ago I bought the Merchant & Mills Trapeze dress pattern. I thought it looked lovely and I'd spotted a similar little girl's dress on their stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show and decided I must have a grown up sized version!

Mr M saw the pattern and immediately announced it was a mumu and that I'd look dreadful in it but I took no notice. It did however take me many many months to get around to buying some fabric...

When we visited New England back in October I took a list of patterns and fabric requirements with me (I'm now carrying this all the time so I no longer have an excuse). I bought this lovely, heavy Robert Kaufman fabric in Gather Here in Cambridge, MA (and amazing shop which deserves it's own post!)

I set myself the challenge of making the dress before my next trip stateside (less than 3 weeks later - this is a short deadline for me - especially when I have lots of work on!) and I managed to complete it in the morning on the day we flew out! I then persuaded Mr M to photograph me in it in our New York hotel room...

I chose to belt it as this is what it looks like without...

Super comfy but yes, Mr M is right, I look as though I've put on several stone. So I added my Gira e Rigira belt and voila!

It was pretty quick and easy to make, although I found the facing to be a bit of a pig - probably made worse by the fact that I'd chosen such a thick and heavy fabric. I'm planning to make it again though - may have a go at binding the edges next time or doing a full lining. Watch this space (in a year or so!!).