Made By Mrs M

Wallpaper for Fairfield Halls

Kate Marsden

In case you missed my news on social media, I was very excited last week to have the opportunity to have a little look at the newly refurbushed Fairfield Halls (reopening today folks). I visited to take a look at the wallpaper they’ve produced featuring my latest Croydon fabric design! Here it is in a dressing room…


And in the director’s office…

Image 213.jpg

Fairfield Halls was the first Croydon building I drew back in 2016 and seeing my work there was such a treat! I’ll be back there (but front of house this time) at the So Last Century Fair on 28/29 September, where I’ll have the fabric version of the design above, alongside lots of other items featuring Fairfield and other Croydon buildings, including cards and prints…

I'm trading at Sat and Sun Kate M.jpg