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Mary Quant

Exhibition, FashionKate Marsden

Back at the beginning of May the small-ish boy and I took a trip into town to visit the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A (although I think he was rather more excited by the subsequent visit to Whole Foods but each to their own…). The exhibition documents the designer’s career and while it was rather busy, it was colourful and insping. If I hadn’t been with a slightly bored 9 year old boy I would have stayed a lot longer!

If you’re going to visit the Dior exhibition I would definitely get tickets for this one too (or go and see it if you haven’t managed to snag tickets - it will go a little way towards making up for your dissapointment!).

Here are just a few photos I took on the day…


Mary Quant is at the V&A until 16 February 2020.