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Spare Bedroom Makeover

Kate Marsden

We’ve lived in our house for 8 and a half years, but (as I’m sure is the case with most people) the spare room has been somewhat neglected. It definitely gets lots of use as most of our friends and family live a fair way away from us, but despite this it’s still been a general dumping ground with plenty of battered (magnolia) paint. I’d use the excuse that it’s a loft conversion and therefore I don’t have a loft to store my junk in, but I think we just need less stuff!

Spare Room Mood Board.jpg

About a month ago we finally got around to clearing out A LOT of junk and decorating. I didn’t want to buy too many new things but did want to give the room a new feel using items we already had. The mood board above shows the general look we were going for.

Paint - top and bottom left - Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball
Chest of drawers (similar to one we already have) - Branches of Bristol
Pink French Antique Nursing Chair (similar to one we already have) -
Crochet blanket (my own - bought at a car boot sale)
Welsh blanket fabric - Perris & Corr
Existing painted chest of drawers (which used to live in my studio so you might recognise them!)
Grey curtains - 247 Curtains
Sigrunn Fabric - Kangan Arora for IKEA

Sadly I don’t really have any before photos, but let’s just say it was bland… I’m still after a rug and I’m thinking of getting some more of that wonderful Kangan Arora fabric, but here it is (pretty much) finished, still very much decluttered, and yes I even got around to making cushions!

Tray also Kangan Arora for IKEA

Tray also Kangan Arora for IKEA

ACS_1338 (1).jpg