Made By Mrs M

Franz West

Kate Marsden

It’s always good to find someone new to inspire… I was familiar with Franz West’s work (in that I recognised his scuptures) before I heard about the current exhibition at Tate Modern but I would’nt have been able to tell you his name. Having gone to the gallery last week principally to visit te Pierre Bonnard exhibition (which I’m afraid to say left me completely cold - sure you’ll like it if that’s your cup of tea though) West’s exhibition was the second one on my to visit list but defintely the highlight of my day.


Not keen on queuing to get into a gallery at 3pm on a Tuesday during term time (yes, there really was a queue), I walked around to the back entrance (no queue!) and was greeted by a wonderful array of colourful sculptures. Whether they represent dead worms or intestines I really don’t mind - I love the combination of the shapes and colours.


The exhibition itself is in the lovely 3rd floor gallery in the new building and was much quieter than Bonnard, giving me the opportunity to really linger over the pieces (and yes I did take some photos - sorry - I hate people taking photos in galleries but it was quiet!). It’s a major retrospective featuring not just his scuptures (and replicas of his Passstücke (Adaptives) papier-mâché pieces which you’re encouraged to pick up and interact with (in private if you so choose!), but collage, furniture and more. Defintely one I’m planning to revisit before it closes as I think I’d see even more on a second viewing.


Franz West is at Tate Modern until 2 June 2019.

Should you fancy it, Pierre Bonnard continues until 6 May 2019.