Made By Mrs M

Sketching at Wisley

Kate Marsden

We were once regulars at the RHS garden at Wisley, but as my son has been going more often than me in recent years (school trips, with his grandparents…) I decided I was missing out, and that he could show me around! So last week, on the final day of the holidays, we took ourselves down there to do some sketching. He loved the idea of going to sketch rather than just wandering around, and as we had such a lovely time I think we’ll be doing something similar in the next holidays!


It might seem a little odd to want to visit a garden in January, but there was still a lot to see (plenty of plants in flower too which was lovely but of course made me worry about global warming…) - my favourite sketching spot though was the nice warm, draught free glasshouse!

I drew plants and he drew the waterfall…

I drew plants and he drew the waterfall…


It turned out that the (not so) small boy’s favourite spot in the garden is the amazing rockery though, so we popped our stools up somwhat precariously towards the top and did a little drawing there too…


Followed by my favourite spot at the top of the hill, the alpine house (which at the moment has an amazing little display with a whole range of different snowdrops in flower - which I struggled to get a good photo of).


Three and a half hours, mostly outside, in January with an 8 year old boy… and at the end we were still friends - I call that a successful day out! I also came away with lots of useful little sketches and I’m going to see what, if anything they inspire over the coming weeks.