Made By Mrs M

Edward Bawden and a bit of Lino Cutting

Kate Marsden

Anyone who's visited my house will know I'm a bit of a fan of Edward Bawden. So when Dulwich Picture Gallery annouced their current exhibition, I was there booking my tickets straight away!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Edward Bawden he was an illustrator, printmaker and commercial designer - paticularly well known for his mid-century posters and book illustration. You'll definitely recognise his work if you see it.


The exhibition is heaven for Bawden fans, with the largest collection of work spanning his whole career which has been seen since his death in 1989. If I hadn't had an 8 year old with me (who to be fair to him was pretty taken with it himself) I could probably have stayed all day! I invested in the exhibition catalogue (shown above and below) even though I have way too many art books, but I found the whole thing so inspiring (and photos weren't permitted), and of course as I said, we're fans anyway!!


I came away with lots of ideas, but the first was a burning desire to cut some lino! I cracked on with this a few days after we visited, partly because it took me that long to find my tools and the one piece of lino I knew I'd saved somewhere...


This unusual looking piece (some people have asked whether it's white chocolate!) is an easy cut lino - and it really is. I did come away with a couple of little cuts but no sore hand from carving so I'm pleased past me chose to buy this one!


Inspired by Bawden's floral work, I decided to make something based on my recent tapestry flowers design. To date I've only had time to make a few test prints but it has been fun and it's also given me some ideas for some of my other work (taking me back to my buildings at last!).