Made By Mrs M

More new work, Open Studio prep and a debut podcast...

Kate Marsden

It's been a crazy busy few weeks (and that's forgetting school holidays, birthday parties and everything else!). Fortuately though I'm on a bit of a roll with the new work I'm creating (and I've set myself a deadline of our open studios so there's no stopping!).

I've been working on some hand painted fabric panels, which I will be selling, however the main purpose of this exercise has been to do something different in the hope that this will translate somehow into my new digital fabric designs. After a bit of a drought in that department, the fabric fans amongst you will be pleased to hear that new designs are coming (albeit that they're just in my head at the time of typing!).


My A-Z of British Buildings series continues and I've had a couple of requests for these drawings to be made available as prints - leave this one with me (there will be 26 of them so keeping all images in stock as prints may be challenging!) but if there's one in particular you fancy do let me know. I'm also planning to make a zine (or two) with these images as my Croydon one has proven to be so popular.


And the other exciting/scary thing to happened has been my podcast debut on the first ever podcast from Croydonist. If you've not come across Croydonist before (it's kind of like Londonist but for Croydon) do check it out - they're just ace and have always been so amazingly supportive of my work. You can hear the podcast here should you fancy listening to my dulcet tones!!