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Spending the night behind bars...

Kate Marsden

Not many people dream of spending a night in prison, but I discovered last weekend that the Malmaison in Oxford opened 12 years ago, so I'm sufficiently odd that I've been dreaming of spending a night behind bars for 12 years! In my old day job I used to book a lot of hotel rooms, and the Malmaison chain was a favourite - I've stayed in lots of them, but we didn't have an office in Oxford so it never happened.


But last weekend we were child free and Mr M booked us a cell as a surprise (although I had guessed where we were going a couple of days beforehand). When I say a cell, it's not just one but three knocked together (2 for the bedroom, 1 for the bathroom) and very cozy indeed (and super quiet so I slept like a log.


The central area of A Block (shown above) is bar far the most impressive part - I ended up taking photos on every floor! We had dinner, bed and breakfast (and the Mal is well known for it's brilliant food) so the diet went out of the window, but it was a lovely way to spend the weekend.


The trip wasn't all about the hotel - we tried out some nice pubs too and just generally wandered around. I'm going back to Oxford again in a couple of months' time (trips to Oxford are like busses - I hadn't been for easily 10 years) so I didn't over photograph! Here are a few little colourful pics though of the cold days before the snow arrived...


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