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Back to School Part 2...

Drawing, Pattern DesignKate Marsden

The final two assignments for the Make it in Design Winter School tested me again! This time it was the advanced brief that I was really drawn to...

Cyanotype Square for Instagram_edited-1.jpg

Somewhat confusingly entitled Fauna Cyanotype (when there wasn't any Fauna in sight!!), I had fun turning my hand drawn motifs into a cyanotype style design.

Cyanotype 1 repeat_edited-1.jpg
Cyanotype Layer 2_edited-1.jpg
Cyanotype 200px_edited-1.jpg

The intermediate brief was Kabuki's Kingdom, and for someone who's a fan of Japan, I found this really tricky! I came up with a lot of (substandard!) designs before settling on the one below.

Japan Room Set 2_edited-1 Small.jpg
Japan 1 v3_edited-2.jpg
Patterned Polka Dots Repeat Tile.jpg
Japan 3 Repeat_edited-1.jpg

Now to take these experiments and apply them to new ideas for my shop (or not!)... I am working on some new things as I type so watch this space. As I mentioned back in the autumn, I'm not planning a full new collection launch this spring but there will be a few bits and bobs, including new fabric!

See how I got on with the first Winter School briefs here.