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Croydon Goes Floral!

Kate Marsden

As you know, I've been working on some new things recently. I have new Virginia Woolf prints in the shop and I now have some new Croydon prints too!

I've been working on lots of florals lately - mostly as a boost to my portfolio and an interesting exercise, however last week, while designing a new pattern, I thought it would look rather nice on Fairfield Halls (as you do!)... and here it is!

Fairfield Floral Square 2000px_edited-1 (1).jpg
Spring Flowers 2000px_edited-2.jpg

The pattern itself is a slightly scribbly looking spring flowers affair (which sort of came from nowhere I just felt the urge to get scribbling...) and it's quite different to my usual work. I think it makes Croydon look rather fab though! Here's Number One Croydon wearing a floral coat...

No 1 Floral Square 2000px_edited-2.jpg

Both of these prints are now available in the shop (however please note that I'm taking a few days away from the studio for half term so any orders placed this week will be dispatched on Monday 19 February).