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Vintage Shopping

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I felt pretty smug on Saturday when I finally managed to alter a vintage dress I bought a couple of months ago. For me fit has always been a downside of buying vintage - I’m capable of altering things, but actually getting around to it…. I have a half finished dress that’s been hanging in my studio for 18 months now!

Me looking smug in said dress

Me looking smug in said dress

However having watched the Stacey Dooley programme about “Fast Fashion” the other week I decided I need to make more effort, and buying more vintage clothes with the aim of altering them if necessary is the way forward. I recently had a huge charity shopping spree (I spent well over £20 folks!) and snapped up a selection of “new” items for work (teaching in an art department means you can’t be too precious about what you’re wearing) and had so much more fun than I would buying mass produced clothes on the high street.

Me shopping at Atomica - photo by  Croydonist

Me shopping at Atomica - photo by Croydonist

A step up from a charity shop of course is a vintage store - pricer but generally a far better selection (and still cheaper than most high street shops!) - Atomica in Croydon has become a favourite for me over the last few months and I’ve bought a few dresses there now (although on Saturday I bought a 70’s bedsheet to make something from instead - it’s fab: very pink and very floral!).


And of course on my trip to London Bridge a couple of weeks ago I grabbed this fantastic coat in the flea market at Flat Iron Square - I’ll definitely be heading back there for more…

The Saturday flea market at Flat Iron Square

The Saturday flea market at Flat Iron Square

Then of course there’s my old faithful denim jacket which I wear all the time - it was £8 in a chairty shop on The Moor in Sheffield, in 2009…. so it’s vintage but still going strong!


So I’m trying to do better…. and when buying new I’m keen to get more from people like my perennial favourite Germana of Gira e Rigira and (closer to home) Plum and Pidgeon rather than heading to the conveniently located Dorothy Perkins around the corner. Oh and I should probably be finding the time to make more too…

If you have any recommendations for places I should be checking out do let me know!