Made By Mrs M

Inspired by The Bauhaus

Kate Marsden

It’s rare that I receive a press release and feel compelled to share it’s contents here (recent emails have included auctions for antique guns and tanks, and diet aids…) but an email landed in my inbox a week or so ago and I couldn’t resist!


I’m in a bit of a Bauhaus mood at the moment - always a fan of the art and architecture from the famous art school, but the Anni Albers exibition has me thinking about it even more at the moment.

The folks at Murals Wallpaper (who often come up with some pretty funky stuff) have produed this beautiful range. Whether Mr M allows me to add one to my plans for our spare room renovation I don’t know, but a girl can try…

Neues Sehen-Swatch-Web.jpg

Head on over to their website to find out more and see some styled images. I’m off to measure up said spare room!

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