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Back at the end of last month I popped down to Art Rebellion in Coulson to take part in a neon workshop with the lovely Becci of Ellbie Co. Now this wasn't a dangerous activity involving molten glass and gasses, but a rather more portable version using electroluminescent wire (or EL wire for short) - which is a copper wire coated in phosphor (so it glows when you put power through it - magic!).

I have to admit that at the start of the session I questioned how on earth it could possibly take the 4 hours which were allocated (although it did include lunch), however we soon found out that the early stages were quick but then it got fiddly! Becci recommended we go for something fairly simple so I ignored her and decided to write the word "lovely"...

You basically attach the EL wire to the aluminium wire (which I formed into the word in the images above) with lots and lots of little knots and then glue into place at the end. I think I could perhaps have been a tad neater with my knots as I did end up in a bit of a mess with the glue!

Ever impatient, I hung it up at home before it had dried properly but it's held together! At the moment it's hanging from the picture rail in my studio - suspended on more of the invisible thread - I'm still considering whether to mount it on something to finish it off. Excuse the rather grainy evening photo...

Ellbie Co also sell this as a kit (along with kits for lots of other things too) - you can see their website here.

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