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The Evolution of my Magazine Habit...

Inspiration, Paper, ReviewKate Marsden

It all started with Smash Hits. As it did for lots of people I'm sure. Ripping out photos of Kylie and Jason and Debbie Gibson and sticking them up on my wall when I was 9 or 10. I'm pretty sure I read magazines before this but I'm struggling to remember any of them. So I stuck with Smash Hits and added Just Seventeen (when I was 10...) and then by 11 or 12 I'd graduated to Cosmopolitan. All the while, still getting Smash Hits. I was on a 3-5 magazine per month habit and it wouldn't stop there!

When I was 12 I discovered "my kind" of music (which is still "my kind" now so I obviously got something right) and started to get Melody Maker every week (and NME once in a while as well) - my magazine habit also became expensive as I graduated from Cosmo to Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. I'd decided I wanted to study fashion when I left school you see, so it was research.

Party because they were reference material (and they were - a briliant resource when I got to college and they helped fill many a sketchbook and moodboard) but also because they were pretty expensive, I ended up with a collection of Vogue magazines including every issue from October 1991 to July 1998. I needed a whole cabinet for them and they weighed a ton. Shortly before we moved down to London that summer my boyfriend (now husband) drove me to the recycling bins to get rid of the lot - it still brings me out in a cold sweat to think about it...

Anyway, we moved to London but I didn't stop buying Vogue, I needed my monthly glossy magazine fix. Some time I think in that first year a lovely magazine called Nova appeared (I believe it was a reincarnation of a magazine from the 70s) and it was a thing of beauty - it smelt great and was beautifully designed, I even subscribed but I'm pretty sure it didn't last the year - the start of the whole "print is dead" thing I suppose.

So I stuck with Vogue, occassionally bought interiors magazines, occassionally bought other fashion magazines but that was pretty much all that was out there. Then in 2010 the little man was born and my magazines just kept piling up unread so I stopped buying them. Probably for a good year. I was saving the planet and money - win win!

Then in the spring of 2011 Mollie Makes appeared - and at just the right time for me too. I was finally working on creative stuff again (in my spare time as in when I wasn't working in the city and looking after a baby...) and it inspired me and I even started blogging as a result. I subscribed to Mollie Makes for 2 or 3 years but had to drop it when I left my job to go self employed as I needed to save money. I still buy it, but not every month.

Nowadays my magazine habit is expensive again, but not so heavy on it's use of trees! I don't buy anywhere near as many but I like the nice ones. It's going back to Nova again - I want something that smells beautiful, is nicely designed and unique - something I want to have to build a shelf for and something I can go back to time and time again. Here are four of my current favourites:

91 Magazine

This issue is actually the first printed copy I've bought (I've dipped in and out of the digital magazine and editor Caroline Rowland's blog Patchwork Harmony for years). I love it mostly for the interiors, but also the photography generally which is so inspiring and absoultely up my street. This issue's cover says everything about my taste at the moment - bright and white with pops of colour! Oh and it smells divine...


Frankie is an Australian magazine which I only discovered a couple of years ago (this one is issue 77 so I was late to the party). This is another one I don't buy every time, partly because it's a bit pricey but also because I can't get hold of it anywhere near home (I bought this in the WH Smith in Victoria Station which is great for magazines). Frankie contains a good mix of everything and it's just so pretty. It also makes me wish I lived in Australia (even more than I already have wished this in the 10 years since I visited!).


Caboodle is awesome - the creation of the equally awesome Kayti Peschke (it has Kayti's personality all over it) - I'm slightly biased here as I have a tutotial in the current issue, but I do love this magazine because it's so unique. Again a mix of everything - it's fun, and colourful and guaranteed to cheer me up - oh and always substantial - there's never a skinny issue of Caboodle. One you want to keep forever rather than put in the recycling in 6 months...


Now this is the epitome of pricey - I think this set me back around about £14. I also often struggle to get a copy as there aren't that many stockists I can get to easily and I can't stretch to a subscription (from Canada - the postage is insane). Uppercase is a stunning magazine - it's practically a book - there's a market for second hand copies so not quite an investment but defintely never money down the drain. Again, slightly biased as I've been in one of their books but it's undistilled inspiration in magazine form, and something I go back to time and time again. Even if my full collection only amounts to 4 issues (plus the book!).

So these are my favourites at the moment - do let me know if there's anything wonderful I've missed out or might like to try - just not this month as I've spent all my money on magazines...