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Lost Futures - Post-War British Architecture

Architecture, Books, Exhibition, London, ReviewKate Marsden

I spent a very long time in a one room exhibition a few weeks ago... I visited the Royal Academy and saw America after the Fall (which was very good) and the Anthony Green exhibition (which was also rather lovely, and consisted of one room) but my favourite was Futures Found: The Real and Imagined Cityscapes of Post-War Britain - of course it was.

I'm pretty sure I've never spent so long in a small, free exhibition but I read and studied everything (and the other people came and went).

The exhibition took us through the vision of a better and brighter future which the planners of the post-war era had for Britain's cities. It included lots of familiar buildings along with plenty which were new to me.

Obviously one room wasn't nearly enough, and so I had to buy the little yellow gem of a book which accompanied the exhibition...

Now it's rare for me to read a book like this from cover to cover, but having started it on the train home, that's the plan. Packed with brilliant photographs and full page write ups for the different buildings, it's a real treat.

Lots of ideas for new/old buildings for me to draw as well. All of the 35 buildings featured have either been demolished or significanty altered (for example Park Hill), so in a way it's a little sad, but a wonderful record, in every case showing the buildings at their shiny new best.