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Croydon Street Art Walk

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Another photowalk post for you today, but this one was a little different. Last week the (no longer so) small boy and I had a day to ourselves and we couldn't venture into town as there were no trains running, so we hopped on the bus into Croydon in a bid to look at and photograph some of the recent additions to the increasing collection of street art.

Now, to the little man it's graffiti - and there's good graffiti and bad graffiti - the good type being the fab stuff you see here, created by talented artists and the bad being the messy tags by the railway line. He loved it and asked how old you need to be to start - he wants to learn how to do it himself, which is rather lovely.

The fab Rise Gallery in St Georges Walk (whose shutters have the dogs on - see below) organise a monthly Graffiti Grannies class which looks amazing - I'd like to try this and I'm certainly not one of the forbidden "youngsters" but I'm not quite 40 yet so probably still too young! Also doesn't help the little man - maybe I need to look out for a kids graffiti class. If you are interested in the grannies class though you can find out more info here.

Rise Gallery is known for it's public art programmes and they're responsible for the brightening up of what used to be a pretty depressing part of the town centre (but it now the arts quarter!). You can find out more about the Arts Quarter here - and this includes a map which shows you where the little man and I wandered - we covered the whole area. In the meantime, here are some more pictures of the wonderful art which really brightned up a grey morning!