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Modernist Estates

Architecture, Books, Inspiration, Interiors, ReviewKate Marsden

I did rather well for presents on Mother's Day (not expecting much for my birthday now!) - one of them was a book I'd asked for, and Mr M even managed to get me a signed copy...

Modernist Estates is undoubtedly a thing of beauty. The binding is gorgeous (and yellow!), it features my favourte type of architecture, inhabited by real people who have inspiring interiors (elements of which I can definitely apply to my Edwardian house) AND one of my cushions unexpectedly makes an appearance on pages 85 and 86 - that was a surprise I can tell you!

I don't do this design anymore but I think it looks great on this sofa!

I don't do this design anymore but I think it looks great on this sofa!

The featured flat isn't in Park Hill but the subject matter for my cushion does (of course!) make an appearance...

The book is written by Stefi Orazi (and stemmed from her popular blog) whose love affair with modernist architecture began when she was fortunate enough to rent a flat in the Barbican. People ended up inviting her into their homes for the blog and here we see a great selection - it's really interesting to see how people are living in these properties now.

Modernist Estates by Stefi Orazi is published by Frances Lincoln and available here.