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Colour Collective

Architecture, Art, DrawingKate Marsden

If you're a regular on Twitter of a Friday evening (I am, I need to get out more!) you'll probably have noticed Colour Collective. Every Friday night at 7.30 a mass of people post illustrations they've created that week using the week's chosen colour. Head over to Colour Collective on Twitter to find out all about it.

Anyway, this is something I've watched from a far for ages, but I've recently challenged myself to do more drawing - detailed considered stuff, quick sketches, and most importantly, things that take me out of my comfort zone - and this seemed like a good opportunity to do something every week (or most weeks) and of course, if has that all important deadline!

So I've only just started doing it but here are my first attempts:

My cat Tabitha - in Amaranth - Friday 10 March

A mid-century dream - in Sweet Potato - Friday 24 February

Self portrait - in Plaster Pink - Friday 10 February

A pretty Victorian House - in Deep Koamaru - Friday 3 March.

Check out the #colour_collective hashtag to see everyone else's work.