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Everyone likes a good nosey around other people's houses. I'd been planning a little house tour post here for ages but wanted to wait until the house was ready. When I say "ages" I mean several years and no the house isn't ready, or even close. In fact we have a couple of redecoration projects in the pipeline for the spring so it's going to look a little different/better soon, but I thought I'd share now anyway.

I was inspired by this gorgeous post from Michelle of The Fox in the Attic - obviously her house is "done" and looks absolutely dreamy so I hope you'll forgive my slightly more slovenly abode...

You'll probably recognise bits of my house from product photos and instagram posts - it's where I work so I tend to share it all the time! This is our living room. We rarely buy new furniture - the sofa is a Danish 1950's number we bought on eBay and the drinks cabinet was from the British Heart Foundation furniture shop (as are quite a few other items around the house!). The doors lead to the kitchen (a room which is conspicuous by it's absence in this post - partly because I struggle to get a decent picture, and partly because I don't like it and it needs changing - struggling for design inspiration there at the moment though...) and were made by my Dad.

And the other side of the room. The shutters are great - our old flat was on the first floor, and when we moved in here I hated being overlooked from the pavement and these work perfectly. They also keep the heat out really well in the summer. The chairs were from a junk shop in Tooting (and desperately need recovering - don't look too closely!).

The hallway and my famous floor! I love these tiles so so much. The front door was one of the things that sold the house to me. Our glass fronted bookcase traveled with us from our old flat and I made the lampshades (there's a second one where I'm standing). 

Back room/playroom/TV room/general dumping ground... This is one of the rooms set for redecoration, and while the purple wall is often complemented, it's really tatty. We're having the Mini Moderns wallpaper you can see taped to the wall with lots of white and painted floorboards. I'll share when it's finished!

My studio - so small it's hard to photograph (but you've probably seen it before anyway!). It has a little window looking out onto my lovely garden. The room I sit and write and do pretty much everything else in is even smaller though...

You could call it cozy, or snug..... The walls are painted in Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball (so really dark but I like it), the vintage curtains, chair and desk were all eBay finds. This room also houses 3 printers, which is some kind of a miracle. This chair is no good whatsoever for my back and I should really be using my proper desk chair which lives in my studio.

The little man's room is another one due for redecoration (you can see the paper peeling on the right!). We decorated this for him ahead of him moving out of our room at 6 months old, so it's about time. Will share this room too once it's done. This wallpaper was from Cath Kidston and my Mum made his curtains to match.

Bathroom - inspired by the Northern Line.... Not shown, broken shower and barely functioning loo! The paint is Green Ground by Farrow & Ball, the black edging tiles were from Fired Earth and the white tiles were the cheapest brick style we could find.

Our guests get to sleep surrounded by our junk (out of shot!), but they do get a bit of a view and it's nice and quiet up in the loft conversion. More vintage stuff in here - crochet blanket from a car boot sale, vintage French chair, a chest of drawers made by my Dad which we repainted and a bit of the obligatory IKEA. Also needs redecorating...

And back down to our room. This one has been redecorated - in Parma Grey by Farrow and Ball - always looks green! The cupboards came with the house, and with hindsight we should probably have ripped them out but they do the job. More crochet - this blanket was from Valentines in Whitstable, my Dad also made this bed, the fox is from Made By Swimmer and the print is by Kees van Dongen - spent years looking for one after falling in love with his work in a gallery in Toronto.

And that's it for now. Keep an eye out for the transformation of the little man's room and the multi-purpose dumping ground downstairs!