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Custom House Portraits

Architecture, Art, Drawing, ProductsKate Marsden

Last week I launched something a little different - custom house/building portraits. I'm not really sure why I haven't offered them before (as I'm all about drawing buildings after all!) but having received a couple of commissions, I decided to go ahead and offer them via my Etsy shop.

As you know, I do love mid-century style, but I live in an Edwardian house, and I know that not everyone is lucky enough to live in a mid-century gem like the one above! I do really enjoy drawing buildings of all types so you really can send me anything - and if you'd like me to edit out the satellite dish, or repaint your front door, I can do that too!

You can go for a traditional look as with the Georgian house above or I can add some of my trademark polka dots or another pattern if you like...

I am planning to offer a general custom illustration option as well in the near future (so if you'd like me to draw something that isn't a building let me know - I also offer custom pattern design) - in the meantime if you pop over to my portfolio page you can see some of my recent work (then drop me a line at if you'd like to discuss).

House portraits are available to order now from my Etsy shop.

p.s. If you'd like to order an illustration as a Mother's Day gift, please place your order/contact me TODAY in order to ensure I can get it to you in time - thanks!