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Hull 2017 - UK City of Culture

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At half term we visited Hull for the first time. Despite living not much more than an hour away for the whole of my teens, I'd never been. Hull doesn't have the best of reputations but this year it's the UK City of Culture and it's clear to see that the place is on the up.

Our first stop was the newly refurbished Ferens Gallery where we got to enjoy the 2017 Open Exhibition (frequented by none other than Charles and Camilla the previous week - if you like that sort of thing!). I was very tempted to buy a painting myself but managed to find some restraint from somewhere.

Ferrens 2017 Open Exhibition

Ferrens 2017 Open Exhibition

Having never visited before, I can't say how the gallery has improved but they certainly seem to have done a very nice job of the refurb. Hull's half term week was the week after ours so the little man wasn't able to take part in any of their half term activities but the things they were offering looked really good. 

Step outside the Ferrens, and you walk into the blade from a wind turbine...

Apparently this was a surprise (the people of Hull woke one morning and there it was!). The blade has been provided and installed by Siemens who are based nearby and it's a really dramatic addition to the square - I hear it's only due to be there for a few more weeks, before they replace with something else. 

Following a pizza lunch, we headed down to the marina and for a wander around the new cultural quarter - the Fruit Market. Lots of building work going on down there still but I think it'll be really good in a few months time. We stopped off at the Humber Street Gallery which had only opened the previous week. 

Sarah Lucas at the Humber Street Gallery

Sarah Lucas at the Humber Street Gallery

There were plenty of photo opportunities on Humber Street itself...

We then had a little stroll by the riverfront before heading back through the Old Town to the car...

So we had a very good day and may venture back in the summer! You can find out more about Hull 2017 and the planned events on their website here