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Look Lane

Products, ShoppingKate Marsden

A couple of weeks ago a brand new site opened and I have a little shop, isn't it cute?!

Look Lane is the brainchild of Debbie Ingle of Duck and Dufflel, who I've known for a few years. Debbie wanted to create a different kind of online shopping experience which is more akin to actual in person shopping - hence the little shops and the "Lanes" inspired by Brighton.

A lot of time and effort has gone into making the site just right and it certainly does have a different look and feel to the other platforms we're all familiar with.

Here's a quote from Debbie:

‘All the Look Lane team love shopping in cool markets, browsing beautiful things in incredible stores like Liberty’s or mooching through the lanes in Brighton where you can shop across brands and discover amazing new products without ever really knowing what you are looking for. What we wanted to do with Look Lane is to replicate that shopping experience as you browse and discover shops and products.  A place where beautiful must have items are glimpsed through the windows of shop fronts as unique as their creators.  We wanted to make a world for all things authentic and hand-made.’

It's certainly not as overwhelming as a lot of the other sites out there and from my point of view I really loved having the little shopfront to play with! I'll be updating it with the seasons...

My full collection (except for fabrics) is available on the site - do go and check it out and let us know what you think!