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Indie Friday!

Business, ShoppingKate Marsden

Everyone at team Just A Card (and most people who own or work in any kind of independent business) pretty much loathe Black Friday. People stop shopping with us altogether and go and spend masses of money on stuff they don't need (or really want half the time!) from the big chains.

This year, instead of desperately discounting in an attempt to compete, or sitting in a corner rocking slowly, we've decided to do something about it - so tomorrow will actually be INDIE FRIDAY!

A limited numebr of cushions  now available here

A limited numebr of cushions now available here

We have some wonderful graphics designed by Angela Chick and Sarah Cowan and we really hope you'll join in - if you're an independent shop or designer/maker use our graphics to help promote your work (you can download them here) and let's try and fill social media with the good stuff - we'll be using the hashtags #JACIndieFriday and #JustACard.

If you're more of a shopper than a maker, then please follow the two hashtags and share and share (and if you can, shop too!). We really want to take the negativity away from this day of consumerism and if we can get the hashtags trending, and plenty of people talking and shopping, we will have succeeded!

The Just A Card Christmas Gift Guide is out tomorrow too so keep an eye out for that from 7am at - once again compiled by the wonderful Sarah Cowan.