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Little Man's Room

Inspiration, Interiors, Products, ShoppingKate Marsden

So this year will mostly be about doing the house rather than traveling all over the place! The little man's room was last decorated when he was 4 months old and he's now heading (rather too quickly) towards 7 years, so it's about time.

We've started planning his new room together - he needs a desk corner (probably with shelves above it, possibly with a blackboard), new carpet, and lots of other bits. Here's a first stab at a shopping list (including some things he has already). He's mostly interested in geography and animals...

1. Mountain Peak Decorative Mirror and Shelf - £60 - Push the Apple Cart (who I met at Weekend of the Maker in Sheffield).

2. Funky Alphabet Print - £20 - And Smile (he already has this!)

3. For the Zoo book to Regent's Park Penguin Poster - £9.95 - London Transport Museum (similar to one he already has).

4. He's been eyeing up this rug for months (it looks like grass!) - Hampen Rug - £30 - IKEA

5. Another one he already has! Mini Whale Toy from Made By Swimmer (sold out at the time of writing but they have lots of other lovely things!).

6. Splat Dining Chair - £199 - West Elm

7. We may well be planning the whole room around this! Explorer Kids World Map Mural - £25 per square metre - Murals Wallpaper

8. I'm not sure it goes.... but he's desperate for a cushion in my Suburban Streets fabric (he already has a notebook) - Suburban Streets Cushion - £43 - Made By Mrs M

9. And a new blanket/throw (his current one is a floral Laura Ashley number) - Strimlonn Throw - £39 - IKEA