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It's been a while since I shared a day in my life here so I thought I'd do so now (as things do change over time). I'm planning another series of Day in the Life and Studio Tour posts here - if you'd like to be featured please email me at

Anyway, here we go...

My day almost always starts with a cup of tea in bed (and lately with some cracking sunrises too). I got my Hillary mug in Fishs Eddy in New York when I visited in November.

My son (who's now approaching 7, how did that happen?!) is still a VERY early riser, but fortunately for me Mr M gets up early for work, so I get to stay in bed until about 7am most days.

Once I'm up it's a quick check of emails and social media (less quick on blog post days - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - as I have more to do - I schedule some tweets etc but I really need to do more to save time). Then I down my one coffee of the day (yes straight after the tea), get myself dressed and get everything ready for school. There's usually a 30 minute battle with the little man over eating breakfast, cleaning teeth and getting dressed in there too!

We almost always walk to school (unless the weather is really awful). Sometimes I'm only back at my desk for a short while before heading out to yoga, but most days I'm at my desk with yet another cup of tea and a bowl of cereal before 9am.

This is when I go through the emails properly and start replying to stuff I have to think about! I also use this time to work on the Just A Card blog and this one and process any orders that have come in over the weekend, or since my cut off time on the previous day.

Excuse the old branding!

Excuse the old branding!

I then check my to-do list (I keep a sort of a bullet journal) and plan out the rest of my day based on this. Sometimes I'm stuck at the computer all day, other times I get to go and have a play/work in my studio which is in a separate room (with no computer - both a blessing and a curse).

Lately I've been using this time to work on my new collection and rebrand. I'm also trying to spend more time with my new sketchbook.

Then before I know it (and often having failed to find time for lunch!) it's off again for the school run. I have a Post Office Drop and Go account, so I drop my orders in there on the way to pick him up.

The time of the school run varies depending on the day as my son does some after school activities. Once I've picked him up we might go to the cafe (for my late lunch!) or to his swimming lesson but most nights it's straight home for a snack and homework - he may only be approaching 7 but he has A LOT of homework. This week we've been making and experimenting with tin can telephones - he just needs to finish writing up his findings.

And then I get to flop on the sofa for a few minutes to check emails and social media again...

Before cooking him his tea. We sit in front of the telly for a while before bath and bed. My husband comes in and we eat together later - he usually cooks (which is great as cooking is one of my least favourite activities). During the evening I'm on the social media and email again although the telly is usually on and there may also be a glass of wine or two involved. I'm not massively fussed about the TV but we always watch Only Connect (which has moved to Fridays - suggesting they know their audience well - NEVER out on a Friday night!). I also really loved Sherlock - at least that will be repeated every 5 minutes for all time!

I usually try to be in bed by 11pm - I may get a lie in until 7, but the little man always wakes me up when he gets up, and I need my sleep! I do tend to check my phone one last time before I hit the hay, which is a very bad idea - another habit I need to kick...