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The Battle of Instagram...

PhotographyKate Marsden

So, just as I thought I was making some progress with Instagram (better images, more engagement) I've hit a real wall. I get lots more followers EVERY DAY yet my overall follower count just keeps going DOWN... I'm not giving up just yet though. Here's my gallery at the time of writing...

I have my new 365 project, my work, and I've just started adding some videos (which people tell me they love but...). I think it looks a lot more cohesive, and I've been working on using different hashtags and experimenting (for hours and hours) but I'm getting precisely nowhere.

One thing I'm trying to see if it'll help is the Makelight Beautify Your Instagram course (which I'm still working through at the moment, and is an ongoing project rather than an instant fix). One of the things we were encouraged to do early on was create a Pinterest board to act as a moodboard for our Instagram galleries. Mine is set to private but here's a little glimpse...

So, with the aim of being consistent (and on brand!) I'm going to be using the tips I'm learning on the course to improve and keep on posting. Even if the constant drop in followers is soul destroying. Here are three of my new posts - although you can see that they don't have many likes (the final one was posted only a few minutes before I wrote this post though so that is very low). Clearly they're not there just yet as they haven't been all that popular - so I just need to keep improving (and try somehow to find some better hashtags perhaps - although I spend so many hours on this already!).

They say practice makes perfect and if I compare these images to those I was posting even just a year ago, they're much much better.

I'd love to have any thoughts or comments on my "improved" gallery - do you really like the videos or should I not waste my time with them?

I'll do a follow up post once I've finished the course and spent some more time with the materials from Beautify Your Instagram - you can find out more about the course here. (This is NOT a sponsored post.)