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Goal Setting for the New Year

Kate Marsden

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the blog - I hope you've managed a nice break over the past couple of weeks!

This time last year I was sharing my goals for the next 12 months (most of which I achieved so that's good - you can read that post here).

The difference this year is that I've been so busy that I'm struggling to put such a list together at the moment! Here's where my new book comes in (hopefully)...

I've been a reader of The Design Trust's massively useful creative business blog posts for years now, I attended a brilliant PR talk with them about 2 years ago, and Patricia who runs the Trust is a major supporter of the Just A Card campaign (I've also got their business club membership on my to invest in list for this year) so when Patricia launched her Kickstarter campaign back in the autumn I was one of the first to sign up!

Dream Plan Do is a planner - and I'm aiming to dive into it head first this week. It's aimed at new businesses and established ones who could do with a little help and includes lots of really useful exercises to complete each month (and is structured so that you're doing the actions at the right time of year too) - so kind of like a business course in planner form.

I've already had a flick through (you can see more of the inside here) and I'm itching to get started. The only challenge for me will be scheduling the time each month to work through it - when I get busy I tend to drop everything - but I'm diarising this time now!

Now, hopefully with the help of my book, I'll be able to share my list of 2017 goals with you soon!

You can get a copy of the planner yourself here (not a sponsored post).