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2017 Goals...

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I know.... 2 whole weeks after EVERYONE else sets their 2017 goals, I've finally got around to setting and writing about mine!

Once again, not resolutions but aims, and I'm pretty flexible. All sorts of interesting and unexpected things popped up last year and that's a very good thing.

So here we go...

1. Rebrand

This is coming very very soon - watch this space! Nothing too radical but a freshen up and a new logo.

2. Scary Stuff

I need to apply for more things that scare me. I'm frequently put off applying when I think I don't stand a chance - I need to do it anyway (how to cope with the inevitable rejection at point 3 below!).

3. Learn More

I've joined The Design Trust Business Club (as well as buying the planner shown above) - they have MASSES of brilliant webinars and I plan to work through a lot of them (one of which is on dealing with rejection - see what I did there?!).

I've also signed up to Makelight and I've just started the Beautify Your Instagram course as I type this - hopefully my images will start to look better and my Instagram will look a little more cohesive.

I'm looking out for some good face to face training opportunities too.

4. A Word

I've never gone for this whole "word of the year" thing, but thought I might have a stab at it this year - firstly because one word sprang to mind immediately (and covers lots of aspects of my life, not just my business) and because I feel a need to be kept on course this year and stop going off on quite so many tangents (although see unexpected things above - I do like to contradict myself!). So this year's word is "Grow" - equally applies to my plans for the garden...

5. Stick My Head in a Book

Related to 3 above, I need to do more reading - I'm thinking business books but inspiring stuff (nothing dry that I'll be bored of in 5 minutes, I have very little time to read so it has to fire me up a bit). I'm going to finish reading In the Company of Women from cover to cover and I got Sue Perkins' book just before Christmas. Let me know if you have anything else to recommend.

6. Pressing

Press, press, press.... Every year this is on the list. Every year I manage to get more. And so it continues! I'm currently thinking up some more creative ways to drum up media interest.

7. The Dreaded Website

I've been in denial for months about the fact that I struggle to get sales on my website - planning a strategy to improve this, although I must accept that Etsy is hard to beat.

8. Selling Myself

Not literally, but I need to think more seriously about alternative income streams, which leads me nicely onto...

9. Work it!

More workshops. I really enjoy teaching and I'd like to do more (I have one planned for a week on Saturday - come join me!).

10. Getting Friendly...

I'm still really keen to collaborate. More blog collaborations would be fab but I'd REALLY like to do a product collaboration. No ideas as such at the moment, but it's only January so that's OK.

11. Building

The mailing list... Yes an annual aim and a constant battle. I feel as though I've followed all the advice out there but it's still growing at a painfully slow rate and not really generating anything (as far as I can tell). So I'm aiming to improve my newsletter and get more people to sign up for it. You can join the list here if you fancy giving me some feedback!

12. Killing Time

Or not - I use Pinterest to kill time (and I have SO MUCH spare time to kill...), very occasionally plan a bit of decorating and that's it. Apparently some people actually manage to drive sales and traffic from it *cough*. So I need to spend some time tackling the mess that is my Pinterest. Once again, feedback welcome - here it is at the moment.

And that's that. Seems like rather a lot now it's written down. I will of course update you on progress later in the year....

Do you have any big plans for 2017 or are you sticking to the little (read more manageable and actually achievable!) stuff?