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Carshalton Artists Open Studios

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An exciting date for your summer diaries folks... on the weekends of 24/25 June and 1/2 July I will be taking part in the first Carshalton Artists Open Studios (or CAOS for short!),

(c) Claire Chandler -  see more of Claire's work here .

(c) Claire Chandler - see more of Claire's work here.

The event is being organised by local artists Helena and Neal Vaughan and is the first of it's kind in the area. Carshalton isn't just a pretty place (it is - you should visit - great pubs too) but it's also full of creative talent - something I must admit to being a little slow to tap into.

I live a short walk from Carshalton (in Wallington) so can't open my studio as I'll be off the map - I will instead be joining the rather wonderful painter Claire Chandler (whose work you can see above), who lives just 5 minutes down the road from me in Carshalton Beeches.

(c) Abel Kesteven -  see more of Abel's work here

(c) Abel Kesteven - see more of Abel's work here

An arts trail map is being drawn up so visitors can make sure they take everything in - not just studios but demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions at local arts venues as well. There will be a really wide range of different work on show, so something for all tastes.

(c) Helena Vaughan -  see more of Helena's work here

(c) Helena Vaughan - see more of Helena's work here

A few words about the event from Helena and Neal:

“This amazing festival will engage existing audiences and those who do not normally participate in arts and draw them into the area to experience the hugely talented artists, vibrant community and breathtaking cultural heritage Carshalton has to offer.’ They add ‘we intend to fulfill the obvious need for an annual artists’ open studios festival in the London ward of Carshalton. This will be a first for the area, will bring local communities and neighbourhoods together and have a significant benefit to the wellbeing of residents”

(c) John Stillman -  see more of John's work here

(c) John Stillman - see more of John's work here

“Artist led free workshops will be conducted by experienced workshop practitioners at two key local venues; The Corner Gallery, Carshalton Beeches and Honeywood Museum, Carshalton. Both venues will open their doors to welcome active participation in the free workshops aimed at children and families.

Local artists, galleries and heritage centres are facing increasing pressure through Government cuts and exciting opportunities like CAOS are increasingly hard to find, but working together CAOS hope to support each other and the community, to foster a positive, hopeful climate to celebrate the arts. We hope to establish this as an annual event that will be developed to continue to benefit the community and local heritage centres throughout the year by being a cultural resource and go to organisation for arts in the area that will refresh community spirits through regular creative interaction”

(c) Neal Vaughan -  see more of Neal's work here

(c) Neal Vaughan - see more of Neal's work here

So you can see why I'm rather excited! Expect to hear lots more about this over the coming months - including a look at some of the other artists involved (I may entice some to do studio tours for me too to whet your appetites - I know how you like a nice studio!). In the meantime, CAOS has a website - please go and take a look...

Plus a fledgling twitter account - please go over and follow!!

If you're local and interested in sponsoring or helping in any way please let me know and I'll pass your details on. In the meantime, get the dates in your diary!