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Croydon, Brooches and working on new stuff when I really don't have time

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You can usually tell when I'm at my busiest... When I have lots of events on, and I'm juggling multiple deadlines, I have a minor meltdown and then start designing (as if I have time for that!). It always happens - when I'm quiet I lack inspiration.

Last week in a fit of madness I started a new selection of drawings of Croydon...

Here's Fairfield Halls (available as an A4 print). I have others in the pipeline, watch this space. I've been somewhat taken aback by the reaction to my print! I'm only offering them for a short while (and they've already sold out once) so that's rather nice!

Before the school summer holidays I'd had a play with shrink plastic and as I was massively busy last week I decided to have another go with that too - hardly the least stressful of materials to work with, but amazingly it went really well this time. Not sure I'm ready to say I've got the knack yet, but a 7 out of 10 success rate is a vast improvement upon July's efforts!

As a result National Theatre brooches are back in both shops - you can get them here or or Etsy.

I've also been designing patterns and generally working myself into the ground!

So I tend to find that inspiration comes when I'm massively busy, but I have to take it there and then or it's gone - it's also good to step away from the computer, which I feel I'm pretty much wed to at the moment, and go and make something for a change - pretty sure that's why I started this in the first place!

Do you find inspiration strikes at the worst possible time? After a couple of days off I can guarantee I'll be drifting around, inspiration free, worrying that I don't have enough to do!