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Playing with Hand Drawn Patterns

Drawing, Inspiration, Pattern DesignKate Marsden

I recently came across a video on Instagram, and it was one of those inspiring moments which made me itch to get my pens out (during the summer holidays though so I didn't have much time and had to wait!).

The video in question was by designer Jessica Amorós (you can follow her on Instagram here and see the video itself here). I'd played around with this magical method of making hand drawn patterns before but a long time ago - maybe at college, I really don't remember (but you may recall I've previously mentioned that we only had one computer in the department at college, so it would have been completely by hand!) - and decided to have a go again. My first attempt was actually for this month's Patternmash brief but as I don't think it fits, I thought I'd share here so you can see how I did it.

Here's the finished pattern (or at least as finished as it'll get now I've decided not to go further with it)...

I started using Jessica's method as seen in her video - with a sheet of A4 paper and a pigment marker (yes it was my first time trying these out too!). I drew a few fields, a pond, a road in the centre of the paper then measured, cut it in half, stuck the pieces back together and filled in the gaps (you really need to watch the video to appreciate this - it's actually very simple). You then cut the paper in half horizontally, stick back together and continue until it's full. Here's what I ended up with at this stage:

I scanned it, popped it into Photoshop and cleaned it up...

Before creating the repeat (also in Photoshop). Here I discovered that my edges weren't quite perfect, or rather they were pretty bad - lots of nasty white strips!

So, in the interests of this being hand drawn, I printed it off and tidied it up in pen before scanning and putting back into Photoshop for a final tidy...

Then it was just time to add colour (which arguably would've been easier to do with the original before I created the repeat, but this was the first time I'd tried this out!) and it resulted in this:

I rather enjoyed this little exercise and plan to play with this technique again. Maybe on this month's Patternmash project (if I can manage to focus on the brief!!).