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No Cut Fat Quarter Apron Tutorial

Craft, Dressmaking, Sewing, Textiles, TutorialsKate Marsden

Have a heap of fat quarters and you’re not sure what to do with them? This very very simple apron is made with one full uncut fat quarter of my fabric (measuring 75cm wide by 50cm deep), and can be run up on the sewing machine in just a few minutes.

To make the apron you will need:

Fabric – 1 fat quarter
A length of ribbon – long enough to wrap around your waist and tie comfortably at the back or front
Sewing machine

1.     Press your fat quarter flat then fold in and press each of the side edges and bottom edge by 1.5cm.

2.     Fold each of the bottom corners in (to mitre the corners) then fold and press each of these sides again, enclosing all raw edges.

3.     Pin if you feel you need to (I pressed mine quite firmly and managed without pinning) then stitch right around the three sides 0.5cm from the outside edge. Backstitch at the start and end.

4.     Press the hemmed sides then fold the top edge over by approximately 2cm. Fold the corners in again to hide them, then fold over again and press.

5.     I did need to pin this time…

6.     Stitch right along the top edge close to the bottom (you need to allow space to feed the ribbon through).

7.     Press everything really well.

8.     Take your length of ribbon and pin a safety pin to one end. Use the pin to guide the ribbon through the channel you created along the top.

9.     Once the ribbon has been pulled through, check you have an even amount on each side then put one pin in at each end to hold in place.

10.  Return to the machine and run a line of stitching approximately 2cm from the outside edge (on both sides) holding the ribbon in. Once again backstitch at the start and end of this line.

11.  Press again, and then wear your apron with pride!