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Patternmash - CLANdestine

Pattern DesignKate Marsden

I really need to start finding more time in the day! I had to rush last month's Patternmash project yet again as I ended up with lots of work just before the school summer holidays started (and I was going away). Anyway, excuses excuses. This time the theme was CLANdestine - ancient festivals, the weirder and more wonderful the better...

Image (c) Patternmash

Image (c) Patternmash

I decided to choose something closer to home than those in the mood board above and something from a place I've actually visited, the Up Helly Aa fire festival which is held in Shetland every January. Now I visited Shetland in the summer so it's a very very loose connection but I thought I'd probably be the only one going for that theme and went for it. Not a massive fan of fire in pattern designs though so instead I went for the viking shields, boats and motifs seen at the festival.  As I was so restricted for time, I just came up with four designs...

Probably not my best effort, hopefully I'll have the mojo back for September! You can see my other Patternmash submissions here, and the rest of the CLANdestine project submissions here.