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Vasarely - Op Art Pattern Heaven

Art, Architecture, Review, TravelKate Marsden

When we were in France a couple of weeks ago we took a trip to the beautiful Aix En Provence. I'd always been keen to visit, but Mr M was very keen on the idea once he found out about the Fondation Vasarely.

We were both aware of Victor Vasarely, being quite keen on his bold (sometimes a little migraine inducing!) work. Widely recognised as the father of op art. The gallery was built in 1976 and designed to house 44 massive works in aluminum, glass, enamel, ceramic and tapestry. These pieces are all displayed in huge hexagonal rooms which interlink - the scale was a little overwhelming (but in a good way)! Unfortunately photography wasn't permitted, so you'll have to imagine it, but it was certainly a very colourful experience and I would've loved to be able to use them all as photo backdrops!

So no photos but we did come away with a couple of souvenirs...

This one can make your eyes go a bit funny! Just a simple metal spinning disk but we thought it was fab. The little man also got a set of fridge magnets so we can make a different Vasarely every day!

If you're visiting the South of France, Aix itself is well worth a visit but I can't recommend Fondation Vasarely enough. You can find out more about the gallery here, and more about Vasarely here.