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Art Deco Tube Walk

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You may recall from my earlier post, that Laura (of Bugs and Fishes) and I plan to take on a selection of the Art Deco tube stations on the Piccadilly Line - this Saturday 9 July. A few people have been interested in joining us and the more the merrier, so if you're free (and maybe need cheering up!) here's the plan...

The Art Deco London Map was very kindly sent to me for free by the folks at Blue Crow Media - it's a Deco version of the Brutalist one I received as a Christmas present (and which I've now visited great swathes of) so I'm rather excited about it. A combination of the architecture and my love of the tube (despite so many years commuting on it!) inspired me to take on the Western section of the Piccadilly Line.

I will obviously have the map with me as a guide - we can photograph/sketch at each stop (whichever you prefer - or both!). Here's a link to the tube map in case your memory needs a refresh.

Meet 11am outside Rayners Lane Station - if you plan to join us please let us know (email me so we know to expect you/wait if you're running late.

We'll visit the Zoroastrian Centre at Rayners Lane and the station itself, before visiting Sudbury Hill, Sudbury Town and Park Royal. We'll then head down to Chiswick Park (District Line) which is also on the map and a good place to grab some lunch.

After lunch we plan to head out to Houslow West and work our way back towards town via Osterly and Boston Manor. If we have time/the inclination we'll go and find some other buildings too but expect we'll be quite tired by then!

We'd love it if you could join us - just drop me a line if you can. If you can't I'll be instagramming away on the day and will of course share it here as well.