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Playing with Oil Paints

Art, PaintingKate Marsden

Those of you who've been with me here for a while may recall that last year I went on a drawing and painting course. The aim was to try new things, learn new techniques and boost my confidence and it worked pretty well. It's now been a year since my last class and I've only just got around to trying the thing I'd set myself to try - oils.

Now, it's not that I'd never used oil paints before - I had a very small set when I was a teenager (I think about 14 - it was definitely when I was still at school anyway) and I managed to come up with one painting, which I think my Mum still has somewhere. One of the issues I've always had though is a total lack of patience, so when I tried acrylics instead it was "bye bye oils!' and many years of exclusively using acrylics followed.

On my course last year I did use acrylics, but mostly gouache (which I absolutely love but it is pricey) and even dabbled with watercolours (which I'm still not convinced by). My tutor really wanted me to have a go with oils but I was nervous of the initial outlay for something I just might not get on with.

Fast forward 12 months and Mr M finds the perfect set of painting stuff for a complete bargain on eBay (not only 7 big tubes of oil paint but a really high quality table easel, pads of paper and some brushes - the brushes being the only part that aren't that great). Once they arrived I was itching to get playing and I've finally had a go.

So here is the first layer of my first oil painting for well over 20 years...

And after the second...

I'm planning to keep adding to it and will see how I go. I have 7 tubes of colour but some are doubled up (I only have 5 different colours and no white) so my colour pallete is somewhat limited - I'm just going to play and see what I come up with. If I get on well with it I'll go out and invest in some more, but I'm quite enjoying myself so far.

So watch this space...

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