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My New Favourite Instagram Accounts to Follow...

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Despite my fairly modest following on Instagram, and the recent changes (still getting used to the posts not being in chronological order - grrr) it's pretty much taken over from Twitter as my favorite social media tool.

My account -  @madebymrsm

My account - @madebymrsm

This is probably because I'm a creative, visual type of person, possibly because people tend to be lovely there and I get a nice level of interaction, but I think also because so many people have worked really hard to present beautiful galleries.

Now, you may be of the view that perfect instagram galleries don't show real life and are fake, but honestly most of us know there's a mess going on just out of shot, and while a mess can be interesting to see it's never so inspiring... I last shared my favourite accounts about 18 months ago (how time flies when you're having fun!) so I thought it was about time for an update.

Some of the accounts below have huge numbers of followers, some have fewer - hopefully you'll find something new you like either way!

@clover_robin - a recent discovery for me - the most gorgeous collage and papercut illustrations.

@sarahkbenning - Awe inspiring embroidery. I fist saw Sarah at Renegade and fell completely in love with her work.

@katrinasophiart - I love Katrina's paintings, but she's recently made some lovely ceramic pieces and is doing the #100dayproject with hand lettering.

A big name on Instagram - @emilyquinton - I just love her styling and despite Instagram being full of flowers, she always manages to bring something different to her images.

I mention @andsmilestudio on here quite regularly, but at the moment I'm really into her #100daysofgouache project.

@urbangreywhale - a feed that always inspires me to go a little brighter and lighter.

@natashanewtonart - I have one of Natasha's paintings and a couple of prints. I really like her studio images and pictures of the Suffolk countryside.

Another new discovery for me @gemmakoomen - I really like the work in progress shots.

@yumiphillips - a stay at home Mum who paints while they nap.... and boy does she paint. Beautiful bright colourful abstract paintings, and brilliant work in progress and studio shots.

Any accounts you'd recommend? Anyone you think I'm missing?