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Wooden Handled Bag Tutorial

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Create a self drafted wooden handled lined bag, in less than two hours.

You Will Need –

Wooden Bag Handles with a 18cm / 7in slot (such as these)
Twill cotton medium weight fabric 1m x 50cm
Lining fabric 1m x 50cm
Sewing thread in matching colour
Sewing scissors / Sewing needle / Sewing pins / Tape measure

Let’s Create!
Make your design with lots of vintage style with your very own pattern.

Draft Your Pattern

First you will need to draft your pattern. It’s easy in just six steps.

Take a piece of A4 paper or dimensions 21cm x 29cm

Make 3 dots across the top of the paper at 7cm, 13cm, 14cm.

Make 1 dot on the left side at 9cm from the bottom.

Join the first dot at the top left of the paper to the dot on the left hand side to make the side of the bag and then curve to the bottom right corner. I used a piece of Daler board as my ruler as its durable and more economic than a fancy metre ruler.

And add the curve freehand...

Add your centre fold line to your pattern on the left edge. This is the side you will place on your fabric to make a whole bag shape!

Add your top pleat and have a pattern! *Remember to add your 1.5cm / 1.7” seam allowance when cutting out*

To Make Up Your Bag

Cut 2 of your pattern out of your fabrics remember to add a seam allowance of 1.5cm. You will have four pieces ready for assembly.

Stitch  the wrong sides both of your outer and inner bag fabrics to make two pieces, one of the outer and one of the inner.

Option to use the pleat or you can use a gathering style when you attached the wooden framed handles. If using the pleat add this now.

With the right sides together stitch the lining and outer fabric to each other as seen in the seam of blue and yellow fabric in the picture. Clip your seam and turn the right way and press.Your bag is now starting to look like a bag. Push the lining in on the bag and press.

With the two raw edges, these are the two that you are going to turn in on themselves, with the handle slid in and then secured with a line of stitching. This is a little tricky if you are a beginner but you can either pleat your fullness or gather in with a line of stitching and press.

When it’s finished it will look like this (if you used the gathered method) at the top of your bag.

And you are finished. Take your bag out for a spin, show it off. You made it yourself!

A big thank-you to Made By Mrs M for featuring my DIY make today!

Happy Stitching,

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