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Taking my mind off things with speed sewing!

Dressmaking, Sewing, TextilesKate Marsden

Like most of us here in the UK, I'm feeling very up and down at the moment (90% down to be honest but I'm still having the odd moment of inspiration). Work has dried up a bit, and I don't have any orders, so earlier in the week I decided to try and take my mind off everything for a while and do some sewing.

I'd bought some cotton fabric at my son's school fair (of all places) for the princely sum of £2, and decided to make a short, tunic version of the dress I made for Blogtacular. I didn't have a huge amount of the fabric so the length was determined by this - I did however lengthen the top part of the previous pattern I'd used (there is a separate tunic pattern in the pack but I hadn't cut that out and was feeling lazy). I decided to alter the way the neckline was finished, and rather than binding it I made a full facing.

Excuse the crease in the front here which I've only just noticed! I'm pleased with how the facing worked out - I actually think it's a better finish than the original. It does make the top heavier but as this fabric is so light weight it hasn't made it hang strangely or anything. I really like a full facing as they sit so flat. I have a few dresses I've made with partial ones, and despite top stitching they still seem to pop out and look a mess...

Not as daring this time, no contrasting colours or anything and no patch pockets. But I am rather pleased to say that I did the whole thing, from start to finish, including pattern alterations and cutting out, in an hour and 55 minutes - some kind of record for me! Oh and no unpicking at all!

Really getting to like this pattern so I think I may be making more...