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Patternmash - Found or Pound

Pattern DesignKate Marsden

May was another Patternmash month and for some reason I really struggled with a theme which should've been perfect for me! The theme was Found or Pound - designs created using found objects or items which cost only £1. The colour pallet was fab too!

Mood board (c) Patternmash

Mood board (c) Patternmash

So I wracked my brains for days - I was keen to go for found so spent some time just looking for stuff around the house and also revisited one of my previous Patternmash projects for motif inspiration. I came up with a few designs then had a really really busy month, so didn't touch it for a couple of weeks.

When I went back to the designs at the end of the month I hated them all without exception! So started all over again... As by this point I had limited time, I only managed to submit three designs. I've used pen and ink drawings and photographs combined and in the end I'm fairly pleased with the result.

You can see this submission and all of my previous ones here.

I often struggle to get going with these projects but I still think they're a really valuable and useful thing to do. Ideas I've generated with my Patternmash projects often find their way into my fabric designs, and of course I usually design to my own brief so this is definitely good for me!

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