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Hand Stitched Tote Bag Tutorial

Craft, Sewing, Textiles, TutorialsKate Marsden

I thought I'd share the tutorial for my recent workshop at Barnaby & Co. We made these simple, but effective tote bags using only hand stitching, and I'll be taking you through how to do this in the same way. You could however run them up on a machine too (it would be quicker but you can't watch telly at the same time!) - the instructions would be exactly the same.

You will need:

Fabric – approximately 1 fat quarter - my Bankside design shown here is now discontinued, but you can find similar fabrics in my shop.
Webbing for the strap – 1m

Press the fabric then cut two pieces, the same size as each other (the size of these pieces will depend upon the size of bag you would like).

Cut your webbing into two matching pieces of your desired length.

With the fabric right side up, measure then pin the webbing in place along the top edge, ensuring the straps are flat and not twisted.

Tack the straps into place then remove the pins. Repeat for the other side of the bag.

Fold the top edge over twice (hiding the raw edge) then turn the handles back the right way – pin along the edge.

Make one row of running stitch along the bottom edge, taking care to capture the webbing.

Top stitch with a second row of running stitch.

Using large stitches create a cross at the base of each strap to strengthen it. Repeat for the other side of the bag.

Press, taking care not to place the iron onto the webbing.

Place the two pieces on top of one another WRONG SIDES together and pin.

Using a large running stitch, stitch around the sides and base of the bag, approximately 0.5cm from the edge.

Turn the bag inside out.

Press, then pin.

Using a small backstitch sew around all three sides ensuring the raw edges are enclosed.

Loop a few stitches over the top edge at each side to neaten.

Turn the right way out and press.

Enjoy your bag!