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The Dotty Angel Dress - it's finished!

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The making of this dress was sponsored - please see the end of this post for full details.

I know, I know - two posts in a row with pictures of me in... I haven't written my main Blogtacular post yet, but I'll briefly touch on something Lisa Congdon talked about in her keynote speech - the vulnerability hangover... Well you can probably work out what that is for yourself, but I can assure you that voluntarily posting heaps of photos of myself across the internet usually ends with one of those (especially photos like the second one of me in this post!), so be kind!

Photo:  Martha Loves

Well, there is good reason today - I finished the dress and here I am wearing it last Saturday (yes, ex-colleagues that is the building you think it is...). I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and received lots of compliments, although I couldn't help but wonder if that was because it was so very obviously homemade! The dress was as comfy to wear as I'd predicted. Although by the end of the day I did have a minor pocket/binding malfunction (it's very minor and I'm hoping I can fix it easily - it washed well and hasn't worsened so fingers crossed!), but otherwise it was good. I think my I Am Acrylic necklace sets it off nicely!

When I wrote my last post about the dress I was at the stage above. I "just" needed to do the neckline, armholes, side seams and hem... The first bit of unpicking came on the neckline when despite my best efforts, I managed to get some fabric caught and ended up with horrible little pleats - it worked out OK in the end. The only real problem I had was with the finishing of the side seams under the arms - either I was too tired or the instructions weren't that clear, and I'm not particularly happy. OK for the casual observer though - if you want to stick your face in my armpit to have a good look that's up to you, but I doubt anyone will take me up on the offer!

So here's the scary pic...

Photo:  Martha Loves

I have a bit of a funny expression going on here, but wanted to show you the full length dress. I think I escaped the dinner lady look?!

Anyhow - I am keen to have another go at this pattern - I'll need to work out in advance how to do a better job of the side seams/armhole finishing next time. It was fairly quick to sew. I may do a shorter version next time (or a long version of the tunic to wear with leggins in this hideous chilly, damp weather we're having) but let's see.

Thanks so much to Weaver Dee for sending me the pattern and fabric (and the fab bias minding making tools) for free. WEAVER DEE SPONSOR MY BLOG - you can visit their site via the ad in the sidebar, and find the items I used here:


Blue Gingham
Blue Floral
Yellow Floral

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