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Blogtacular - The Photowalk

Blogging, Events, London, PhotographyKate Marsden

Last weekend I went to the completely fab Blogtacular! I'm still digesting everything from the main event on Saturday (and there will be another post) but on Friday afternoon I headed off to Shoreditch with a lovely group of ladies for one of the photowalks. This year there were 2 - one in the East and one in the West, plus a video walk - far too scary an idea for me - maybe next year...

I had a complete outfit change at the last minute due to predicted thunder storms, which didn't materialise - but still managed to get some colour in! For those who were asking, my dress was from the beautiful Germana of Gira e Rigira La Moda - it's super comfy and having got soaked to the skin a couple of weeks ago in it, I knew it'd dry quickly if necessary!!

So the whole point of a photowalk is to take lots of photos you might not otherwise, go to some different places, and chat with lots of lovely people. I took well over 100 but here are some edited highlights.

Pop back in a few days for my main post about Blogtacular itself!