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Tote Bag Workshop at Barnaby & Co

Craft, Events, London, Sewing, Textiles, WorkshopsKate Marsden

Nothing beats miserable summer weather and a certain football tournament like getting out and making something! Last Tuesday night I had the pleasure of teaching a lovely group of ladies to hand stitch tote bags with my stockists Barnaby & Co at Pop Brixton.

The afternoon's torrential rain (and yet more broken trains - I'm sensing a theme here...) didn't stop any of us. We had a great group of mixed abilities who all (I hope!) had a really fun evening.

The participants had a whole heap of my fabrics to choose from - and I'm pleased to say they chose several different ones - it's nice to have some variety.

Two and a half hours to hand stitch a bag from scratch was perhaps a little optimistic, but we only ran over by a few minutes and most people finished. The great thing with this project is you can feel as if you still have miles to go and then it's done - like magic!

The group mastered several new techniques and now have something new to do while watching the TV or sitting on the bus! I really enjoy hand sewing, partly because it's so portable and easy to pick up for a couple of minutes at a time. Some didn't think you could make a bag with hand sewing alone, but they proved themselves wrong!

Unfortunately the light had gone by the time the bags were finished so no good photos (I'm hoping I'll be sent some though...!). But you can get an idea of what they looked like from the image of my sample below.

Barnaby & Co have more workshops in the pipeline, including lampshade making with Rosa & Clara next month - you can find details here.