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Ikea Hack: Custom Seat Cushions for Garden Furniture

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Guest post from Sarah Fisher - read her blog here

Hello! I’m Sarah, a graphic designer and creative based in Southampton. I’m so excited to be posting today and sharing a little project I’ve been doing recently.

I’ve been trying to think of something nice to do with our balcony ever since we moved into our rented flat a few years ago, so this year we finally decided to buy some garden furniture and turn it into a space we can enjoy and relax in. For a grand total of £45, these 2 chairs and table from Ikea were an absolute steal and fit the space perfectly. 

However… there was a problem… two problems in fact. Firstly, wooden chairs tend to get slightly uncomfortable after a couple of minutes, and secondly, I can count at least 2 other flats in our block that have exactly the same set of furniture!

Here is where our wonderful Ikea hack comes in; I decided to solve both problems by making my own custom set of chair cushions and seat pads, and it was so easy that I’ve written the tutorial down so that you can also have a go!

I’m so pleased with my new cushions and seat pads, and hope you enjoy making some too! :-)

Sarah x

To make the cushions:

Essentially these are just a giant envelope of fabric that you stuff your cushion into! I chose some lovely soft, taupe linen for the cushions. You will need about 1m2 of fabric for 2 cushions, plus cushion inners.

1. Cut out your fabric. (See illustration) These cushions are made from one continuous piece of material, so they’re really easy to cut out. As a general rule, it’s good to make your cushion cover roughly 10% smaller than the size of your cushion inner so it’s nice and plump and doesn’t sag, my cushion inner was 45cm square so I made my cushion covers 40cm square.

2. Hem short edges of fabric.

3. Fold over top and bottom of fabric to make a square ‘envelope’ (see illustration, [1] and [2]) making sure the right side of the fabric is on the inside. Pin together and sew down the sides. [3]

4. Turn cover inside out so the right side of the fabric is on the outside. Insert cushion inner like you would with a pillow case, making sure it fills all the corners. Plump up and you’re done!

To make the seat pads:

You will need about 1m2 of fabric for 2 seat pads, plus foam inners.

1. Cut out your fabric using your foam inner as a guide. (See illustration) The seat pads are also made out of one continuous piece of material, plus 4 small strips of fabric per seat pad to make the ties.

2. To make the ties for the seat pads, take one of your strips of fabric, and hem one of the short ends.

3. Pin the edges of the long edges down, and then fold the whole strip in half and pin together.

4. Sew around the edges of the pinned length of fabric in a box shape. Repeat steps 2-4 to make 4 ties.

5. For the seat pad, fold the fabric in half with the right side of the fabric facing inwards. Pin the 2 edges adjacent to the fold and sew together, leaving the bottom side open.

6. To make the corners of the cushions, sew a straight line diagonally by the 2 corners next to the fold of the fabric. The length of the line should be the same as the depth of your foam.

7. Turn the fabric the right side out and insert the foam into the opening.

8. Pin together the remaining edge of the fabric and sew together by hand.

9. At the corners, sew 2 fabric ties onto the edge of the fabric.

10. Fold the remaining fabric over and sew shut, a little like an envelope.

11. Repeat steps 9-10 with the opposite corner.

For a little bonus, with my leftover fabric I made a little table runner and some napkins! :-)