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The Survey Results are in...

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A survey is always (at least when you get responses!) enlightening. In my case it usually makes me feel a little better about my work, and gives me new ideas at the same time. I do always ask for feedback but you don't tend to get a lot of detail over on Etsy, so it's nice to be able to ask a few more questions once in a while.

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to complete my survey last month. The questions covered my designs, this site, and my blog. Here's a little summary of the results...

The majority of people who visit do not do so to shop. They come to read this blog or to find out more about me and my work. This rings true as I've found driving traffic to the shop to be even trickier than I'd expected.

The reasons given for not shopping here were that people had bought elsewhere (Etsy or face to face at an event). People feel confident shopping on Etsy as it's a big site, which I understand.

When it comes to the blog, the favourite types of post (in order) are:

  • Day in the Life
  • Studio Tours
  • Posts about my work/designs/new products
  • Tutorials
  • Business Advice (often guest posts).

Only one respondent hadn't ever read the blog. A few things such as exhibition and book reviews really weren't of interest at all, so this has helped me to plan my future content better.

When I asked how I could improve the shop element of my site, most people struggled to come up with anything - although one suggestion was that I use too many props - what do you think? There was also the suggestion that I'll always struggle here as people want to buy from bigger sites.

The most popular products for those who responded were my bestsellers - so no real surprise there - travelcard wallets, fat quarters and notebooks. No real interest at all in cushions or lampshades though which is interesting.

I then asked what people want, but I don't do - lots of requests for more fabric designs (they're coming, don't worry!), plus bags, purses and additional homewares, such as tea towels.

The majority think my prices are just right but some thought they're too expensive. At the moment I source all materials (and any items I don't make myself) within the UK, and this is really important to me. There are many things I can't afford to wholesale as a result of this. I do need to look into reducing costs at some point, but at the moment the only viable option appears to be the Far East and that's not in the plan...

I asked the old "What would incentivise you to shop?" question and the responses were either "Nothing, if I want to buy at any given time I just will", or the offer of an exclusive product/design or percentage discount.

Finally, I tested the water for a name change. I've been thinking for quite a while that Made By Mrs M doesn't seem quite right, but I'm often stopped in my tracks for some reason or another and I'm really glad I asked this question. It was a resounding no - leave it as it is. I don't know if this is because the people who responded know my business and are familiar with it, but either way I'm going to hold fire. If you didn't respond to the survey but have a view on this, I'd love to hear it.

Thanks again to everyone who took part - it's given me some food for thought and will help me make decisions for the rest of this year and beyond. If you have any other thoughts to add, please do!