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Watercolour Leaf Garland Tutorial

Craft, Paper, TutorialsKate Marsden

Something a little different for you today... I took inspiration for this tutorial from a recent prompt for #sgiew (So good in every way - a weekly photo challenge on Instagram - do check it out) - leaves. I didn't want to just photograph a bunch of leaves, so I ended up making some and turning them into a rather pretty garland. Here's how I did it...

You will need:

1 sheet of A3 cartridge paper
Masking tape
Thick card or wooden board (larger than A3)
Watercolour paints
Paint brush
Small piece of paper measuring approximately 9cm square
Bakers twine (which should be however long you want your garland to be)
Thin washi tape.

Using the masking tape, tape your cartridge paper down flat onto the board - you can stretch it in advance if you're keen, but sticking it like this kept it flat enough for me.

The main colour you choose may depend upon the time of year (if you're making an autumn garland you might wish to go for browns and reds), but I started with a pale green, and covered the whole sheet.

I then added in areas of other colours which I'd associate with leaves, so other shades of green, yellow, red, orange and brown. I kept the colours fairly light, but you could be bolder if you prefer.

Once you're happy, leave it to dry completely.

While you're waiting, fold your small square of paper in half, draw half a leaf shape on one side then cut out - I went for a rounded, stylized leaf - you might want something more realistic (or more than one design in your garland, in which case you can do several!).

Once the paint is completely dry, use your cut out as a template and try and fit as many leaves onto the paper as possible (I managed to get 18 on). Don't worry about being too neat with the outlines as you'll be cutting them out.

Then carefully cut them all out. I chose not to cut the centre sections, but you might want to.

Cut your baker's twine to the desired length then find the centre point.

Working from the centre out, evenly tape your leaves onto the twine using the washi tape.

And you've finished! String your garland up and admire your handiwork!