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Quilt Now

Craft, Day in the Life, Sewing, TextilesKate Marsden

I know that many of you are big fans of quilting - so my features in this month's Quilt Now magazine won't come as a surprise to you as you've probably already seen them (if not - quick go and grab a copy!).

Quilt Now (which I still think of as new but is actually on issue 23...) is a rather lovely British quilting magazine, and this month's copy has once again whet my appetite for getting my half finished quilt back out (see Lucie Dutton's post from last week - the first thing that's set me off!). Anyway, aside from more inspiration than I can handle, you can find a full page of my designs in the Fabric News section (next to some Cloud 9 designs no less)...

But I'm not content with that.... I have a whole double page spread further on with a day in my life...

I haven't yet reached the stage where I fail to squeal with excitement when I see myself in print - so this is all rather lovely. Quilt Now can be bought from larger branches of WH Smith and various supermarkets - you can also buy a copy online. So if you're one of the many quilt fans who read my blog, you need to check it out (also if you've been planing to give quilting a try but haven't yet, as there are lots of gorgeous small projects to have a go at as well as full size quilts).